A Compulsory Missed Session

Day 9 – Wednesday 8th February 2012

Unfortunately today’s session has had to be missed due to a few things that really are out of my control.

I went to the doctor’s just over a week ago for a general checkup and he sent me off for a series of routine blood tests (nothing seems to be wrong thank goodness). After yesterday’s session I headed off to the Pathologist to get these done, upon reading the information sheet it appears that I am not allowed to physical exercise for about 24 hours after having the tests. As I don’t want to do anything silly I decided it would be best to follow the medical advice and not do a morning session (maybe that’s a sign of me getting older).

I do have an indoor soccer game tonight at 8:45pm, I think that in tomorrow’s post I will include how the game went and in particular how I went after the blood tests from yesterday.

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