A Country Drive to A Soccer Game

Day 27 – Sunday 26th February 2012.

Today’s rest day has certainly been an eventful one with events including a trip to Donnybrook and Melissa’s next preseason soccer game all being a part of the day’s proceedings. It has certainly made for a pretty full on rest day for both of us!

The day started with us attending mass at 8:00am before getting in the car and heading down to Donnybrook for one of Melissa’s friend’s 30th birthday lunch. The trip down took us about two and a half hours and was an enjoyable drive with us getting a lot of time to be able to sit and talk about everything and anything that we felt like all the way down. After having arrived down there we really enjoyed ourselves with the group that had gathered being great company.

Unfortunately, we were limited for time with Melissa needing to be back in Perth for her preseason soccer match at  6:00pm, she needed to be at the ground by 5:00pm to warmup with the rest of the team. I am sitting in the car writing this post as Melissa is warming up and preparing for her game, it has definitely been an eventful and full on day for the two of us and some would think not much of a rest day. I have really enjoyed myself and it makes me think that there is much more to resting than just sitting around and doing nothing. Importantly today we have gotten to spend uninterrupted time together where we have been able to communicate and share life deeply. A day like today is a great way for us to continue to buld on our marriage with us getting to openly communicate and share life experiences that we will look back on in years to come. Yes, this is my last weekend before the hectic pace of the year really sets in with university being back tomorrow, however, if a day like today ends up building strength into my marriage then that is a much more important way to spend time than any amount sitting around relaxing.

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