A Great Start to the Day

Day 17 – Thursday the 16th of February 2012.

I have been reflecting a lot over the last few days as I have been sharing with people about my reasons behind doing this fitness training about what a fantastic start to the day I am finding these sessions. I am finding that if I go to bed at a reasonable time then it isn’t too difficult from a tiredness point of view to get out of bed and once into the session at the gym I am finding them tiring but also refreshing. The biggest benefit to me seem to becoming later on in the day with these sessions really getting me focused and mentally in a great frame of mind to be able to tackle the day ahead. I really feel that as this year progresses these sessions will really contribute to the success of my university studies and work balance, I am slowly finding myself again growing in being able to be increasingly disciplined with my time and focusing my efforts on the things that are important to me being:

  1. God.
  2. Melissa (my wife).
  3. My extended family / friends.
  4. My Music (playing, the wedding music planner, teaching, and university studies).
  5. Fitness, health and general wellbeing.

Already I am finding that I am prioritising things and if they don’t fall into something valuable to me then I am just not saying yes to it in the first place. I really get a feeling that this year is going to be increasingly about this and learning to say no to many good things in order to excel in the great things.

Today’s morning session had a great feeling to it and I got some pretty good results. I left yesterday’s session feeling disappointed with the distance I managed to ride, I just couldn’t get into a good rhythm throughout the entire 30 minutes which resulted in me not even coming close to setting a new PB. With it being a new day I felt it could also be a fresh start with nothing, but myself, holding me back from achieving great things.

Today’s session was going to be a cross training one, 20 minutes on the treadmill followed by 15 minutes on the bike. I had decided that I was going to push myself in the ride but to really use the run as a warm up. I started on the treadmill and basically repeated the same process as I did on Tuesday with the speed on 7.5km/h for the first 5 minutes and then on 10km/h for the next 15 minutes. I was tempted to out the speed up to 12.5km/h at the 15 minute mark as I was feeling exceptionally good but decided against this as I had made the decision to ease back into the running throughout this week due to the condition that my knee had previously been in.

After finishing the run it was time to hit the cycle for a 15 minute ride. I figured that with this shorter distance it was a good opportunity to really push myself to see if I could set myself a bench mark above the half distance of my PB over 30 minutes (16.28km). I started out on the cycle and got my rpm up over 100 with it remaining around the 106rpm for the first five minutes, this meant that by the time I had hit the 5 minute mark I was on track for the distance of 7.5km, half of the 15km bench mark. I raised the intensity to 110rpm which I managed to maintain for the next 5 minutes, this got me ahead of where  needed to be with me passing 4km just before the 7.5 minute mark.

By the 10 minute mark I had travelled just over 6.2 km, I had 5 minutes to ride an additional 1.94km to equal my best distance over the amount of time. This encouraged me to raise the intensity again and I had it sitting at 115rpm consistently. Between 13 and 14 minutes I passed the 7.5km mark and around 14 minutes and 30 seconds I passed the 8 km mark. I again raised the intensity for the final 30 seconds and crossed the 15 minute having ridden 8.2km.

I finished off the session with a good stretch to loosen off my muscles that had already started to tighten in the aftermath of the ride. I am already thinking of tomorrow, I now know the intensity that I need to ride at, maybe tomorrow I can go the distance over 30 minutes and beat the 16.28km set a week ago.

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