A New Benchmark

Day 25 – Friday the 24th of February 2012.

It is funny how each day really seems top yield different results even when my preparation is identical, or i think it is anyway, each day. Last night I must have gotten a really good few hours sleep because I woke up at 3:30am feeling really refreshed and ready for the day, then at 4:30am and again just before my alarm went off at 5:30am. Whilst getting ready I did feel a little drowsy but that quickly passed and I headed off for my 30 minute cycle session.

A arrived at the gym just after 6:00am and headed for the bike to begin the session, I really wanted to make today’s session a good hard one as yesterday I had been so disappointed with my ride. Very quickly I had the revs up at around the 110rpm mark which I managed to get into a rhythm where it would sit mostly at this speed, sometimes I noticed it slip back to between 103 and 105 but I always managed to pick it straight back up again. Everything this morning felt good and was running very smoothly, I felt that at this early stage I was already in the zone which was reflected as I passed the 5 minute mark and had covered 2.73km, I was up .23of a km on my usual efforts at this stage.

I decided to keep pushig myself at the same intensity for the next 5 minute interval to see what the outcome would be. Although this was my intent I actually found that for 30 second intervals my revs was heading up more towards the 115rpm, it kept fluctuating between 110 and 115. By the 10 minute mark I had travelled well over 5km, in fact it was around the 5.48km mark, it appeared that I had increased my lead by a little more.

I found myself already at this point, only a third into the ride, of setting myself short term targets by breaking the ride into 5 minute lots of distance I wanted to have reached before the next 5 minutes. My first target was to have ridden 8.5km by the 15 minute mark, I knew it would be a push but thought it really would be possible. As I approached the 15 minutes I just missed the distance having travelled 8.48km. My next target was the 11.5km by the 20 minute mark which I did manage to achieve, I actually managed ride 11.6km by the 20 minute mark.

I had never found myself in the position I was in before, it was very likely that I could set a new personal best for the ride today. This knowledge proved to be a motivator and I increased the intensity to 120 rpm, I actually tended to sit at around the 122 revs continuously. My next target was to bring up the 14km by the 25 minutes mark, this would give me a good tilt at the record. I passed the 14 minute mark by 24 minutes and 55 seconds which set up the need to only ride 2 km in 5 minutes. This motivated me even further and I increased the intensity further to 125rpm, my next target was to bring up the 15km by the 27 and a half minutes  which I managed to just make that limit. I kept pushing hard and managed to bring up the 16km by the 28 minute and 30 seconds.

A new PB was definite at this point, it was only a matter of how far I cold ride in the last 90 seconds. As the clock passed 9 minutes and 30 seconds I had set a new PB by passing the 16.48km. I tried to giver the intensity even more but couldn’t push it any harder than I currently was so I just kept the same intensity and focus. As the clock ticked over the 30 minute mark I brought ip a distance of 16.93km, I had just missed the 17km mark which is disappointing on one level but very exciting as it was a new PB of almost an additional 500m.

With this great result I am confident that riding 17km inside the 30 minutes is definitely a possibility. Tomorrow’s cross training session is supposed to be the final session for the week before my next rest day. I hope that it as a good a session as this morning’s has been. There’s no greater feeling than setting a new benchmark to try and live up to for future sessions.

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