A New Personal Best

Day 18 – Friday the 17th of February 2012.

Today I managed what I have been trying to do all week, I set a new personal best distance on the cycle in my 30 minute ride! My previous best distance had been 16.28km in 30 minutes, today’s morning session resulted in my riding 16.49km inside the same time. I must admit I am a little disappointed that I didn’t make the 16.5km (that just sounds like a much more even number) but I can’t really complain when the goal today was to set a new P.B.

I got up at 5:30am and really struggled to wake up, for some reason it was just more difficult. It might be related to the fact that I have been waking up at 4:50am the past few mornings (I think my body is starting to remember the routine of 5 hours sleep a night and the extra 40 minutes is throwing it a little). After some fighting with myself I managed to get up and get ready to leave for my session. I wasn’t feeling very energetic this morning, I felt it was going to be a forced effort on my behalf to get anything out of the session but I was determined to give it my best efforts and see whether I could shake off this tiredness and get a good result.

I got to the gym just after 6:00am and was on the bike starting my session by 6:05am. I got my speed up to over the 100 rpm and managed to get myself into a good rhythm very quickly. By the 5 minute mark I was sitting just above the required rate to make 15km with me having travelled 2.6km, whilst this was a good start I knew that it would take more effort. I kept the rpm at around the 110 mark for the next 5 minutes and found that by the 10 minute mark I had travelled 5.4km, I was starting to set a better pace and was feeling confident.

Yesterday’s 15 minute ride resulted in me getting over 8km in 7.5 minutes, I decided that this should be my next target which I managed to hit having travelled 8km exactly by the time the 15minutes came up. This meant that I was on track for a 16km minimum distance‚Ķ.it still put me short of the PB of 16.28km. I raised the intensity for the next 10 minutes to 115rpm and managed to gain more distance and get even closer to setting a new PB having travelled 13.6km by the 25 minute mark.

The final five minutes a raised the intensity to be sitting at between 120 and 125rpm, I could see the goal in sight and didn’t want to miss this opportunity. I passed the 16km mark at the 19 minute and 15 second mark, 45 seconds to beat the distance. At the 29 minute and 15 second I passed the 16km, I knew that I was going to pass the 16.28km now, it was a matter of how far past it I could get. I lifted my rate to over 130rpm for this last minute and gave it everything I got trying to break the 16.5km, unfortunately I missed it by a mere 100m.

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