A Productive Day Off

Day 34 – Sunday the 4th March 2012.

Today’s rest day was a really interesting one with me getting a lot of different things done. Whilst it was a rest as such from training I am sure that the  majority of people would not look at it as having been a day off.

I got up around the 8:00am mark after not having one to bed until 2:00am, I was up late last night doing some study for university into various learning theories of education. So when I got up I was feeling pretty tired, it was strange that as I got up my wife, Melissa, was heading to bed after just having worked a night shift at the hospital.

The day itself has been thoroughly enjoyable with me having breakfast with my mm and dad, sister, brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew. I love spending time with them and don’t get it to do it as half as much as i would like just due to the business of life. After breakfast I managed to head into ECU and do a couple of hours of study before heading home to see Melissa who had gotten up for her afternoon soccer game.

We arrived at the ground for her game to fin that no one else was there, the game had been cancelled and no one had let her know this detail. After we’d gotten over the annoyance factor we decided it was a good chance to see her family who had all gathered for the usual Sunday lunch. It was a great time to enjoy good company, especially considering the two new babies born the last fortnight were also present with their respective mums and dads.

Melissa and I finished the day with a dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.

It really has been a great day all around, as I write this Melissa has headed off for work for her next shift – half way through the nights now! I will get some more study done tonight and be up for a session tomorrow. With it being a public holiday the gym won’t open until 7:00 am which is too late for me so I think I might try a different session for the morning before being in at the library all day studying.

Fun and exciting times ahead!


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