A Shorter Distance

Day 29 – Tuesday 29th January 2013.

Today I continued with my planned regime of alternating between a longer distance run and a shorter distance by completing a 4.5km run from the car park, around Lake Monger and back to the car park. I wanted to try and do this distance in a reasonable time but also was aware that the purpose of alternating distances is to provide some respite for my legs and ensure that I don’t burn out from over doing things.

I began my run just after 8:00am, my legs felt good from the beginning of the run as I picked up the pace to the regular tempo that I wanted to hold throughout the exercise. By the 1 km mark I was making good pace completing it in just over 5 minutes, I felt that if I can hold that sort of pace then it would be a successful outing. My legs began to feel a little heavy as I approached the 2 km mark, the fatigue from the day before had started to set in but I did manage to fight off this fatigue and kept up my pace.

Day 29

Then at 2.5km my shoelaces came undone! I had forgotten this morning to tighten them an paid the price. This always tends to upset my rhythm, I stopped to tie it quickly, and tightly, and got back into the run within 30 seconds. Knowing the effect shoelace tying normally has on me I intentionally picked up the tempo for the next kilometre to counter any loss of rhythm.

As I entered the last kilometre of the run I knew that it wouldn’t be under 20 minutes for it, my hope now was to get under the 25 minute mark. This would still be an acceptable time for 4.5km although it would mean that I had missed the sub 5 minute average. I picked up my pace to stretch for the best time possible and managed to reach the car by 22 minutes and 22 seconds.

This time, whilst not a PB for the distance translates to running each kilometre at an average of 4 minutes and 58 seconds. I had managed to maintain a sub 5 minute per kilometre speed for the entire run.

Tomorrow I might decide to extend myself with an 11.5km run. This will largely depend on the time I manage to start as tomorrow also marks the first day back at school.

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