A Slow Start with a Strong Finish

Day 19 – Saturday 18th February 2012.

I find that Saturday sessions can be the hardest ones to commit to getting done, largely because my routine on a Saturday is different to every other day. Throughout the week I need to be up at 5:30am and have my bag packed the night before to ensure that come 6:00am I am at the gym ready to do my session. Saturdays is a bit trickier because, for starters, the gym doesn’t open until 7:00am and then there’s the fact that I actually don’t need to rush as much as my first commitment for the day after the gym is a private clarinet student at my studio at 9:00am. The change in routine always ends up throwing me out, I would much prefer and find it easier if I could keep to the same time to be at the gym everyday.

I struggled out of bed by 7:00am today, my alarm went off at 6:30 but I didn’t manage to answer the call straight away as I knew I had some time up my sleeve. I deliberated doing a different session where I could just do some light abs work and tried to tell myself that I wouldn’t have enough time to get a session in as i hadn’t gotten up at 6:30am. After I’d finished being stupid I managed to get myself ready and in the car by 7:15 heading towards the gym.

I arrived in Subiaco and was on the treadmill for my 20 minute run by 7:30am. As with my runs over the last week I wasn’t going to push myself too hard with this due to me not wanting to injure myself as I continue to come back from my sore right knee. I set the treadmill on 7.5km/h and ran for 5 minutes before increasing the speed to 10km/h for the 15 minutes. I couldn’t help but think of my mate Mike Haydon as I was doing my run because he is doing a lot of running exercise at the moment, it always motivated and inspires me when people I know are determined to do better and improve their lives. By the end of the 20 minutes I had run 3.1km, I know it’s not an incredibly far distance but for a first week back into running I am happy with it, next week I will change it up and put some more intensity into it.

After the run I headed onto the bike for a 15 minute ride. On Thursday for my 15 minute ride I managed to get out 8.2km which then motivated me to set a new PB yesterday over the 30 minute distance. I wanted to put everything in today to see if I could beat my previous best over this distance so quickly brought up my work rate to being around the 110rpm. I managed to hold this rate throughout the majority of the ride with my lowest rpm being 106 in the first five minute bracket. By the 5 minute mark I had ridden 2.8km, whilst this was good and was on track to be over the 8km mark by the end of 15 minutes I felt that I could go even harder still. I raised my work rate to 115rpm which I managed to hold for the next 5 minutes and got the result of having ridden over 5 km by 8 minutes and 13 seconds and over 6 km by the 10 minute mark. I knew that I was in with a chance to beat my PB distance at this point with me only needing another 2.2km inside of 5 minutes, I started wondering if I could break the 8.5 or even 9km mark inside the 15 minutes. I brought up the 8km mark with the time just over 13 minutes and 30 seconds, the question is was wondering is how far could I ride in 90 seconds? I raised the intensity with the rpm fluctuating between 120 and 130rpm, by the 14.5 minutes I had passed the 8.2km mark I really wanted the 8.5km mark by the turn of the 15th minute. As the clock ticked over to 15 minutes my distance was 8.46km, I had just missed the 8.5km!

Whilst there is some disappointment in not having made the 8.5km mark I am really happy with the distance I managed to travel, it is a new PB and I am sure that there is much more room for improvement still to come.

Today’s session has again proved to me the importance of discipline and committing fully to something regardless of feeling. I had a slow start and real didn’t feel like doing today’s session, trying everything I could to get out of it. By the end of the session I was feeling very satisfied, I had set a new PB over 15 minutes on the cycle. It made for a strong finish to a day that started with such a slow start.

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