A Solid Session

Day 23 – Wednesday 22nd February 2012.

Today’s session was one where I didn’t manage to set any new personal bests, it was just a good solid session on the bike. I had my 30 minute ride today on the bike seeing how far I could ride, and whilst it was no PB I was happy with the overall distance, especially considering the slow start I had at home this morning.

I set my alarm a little earlier last night than usual as I needed to get petrol on the way to the gym. I know it was a risky endeavour after Monday’s incident but last night it was a choice between getting petrol at 10:00pm or spending time with my wife, the time with Melissa was the much more important thing to do. I ended up sleeping through my alarm and only getting  out of bed due to Melissa prodding me at 5:35am, I knew that I had to get to the gym and stop for petrol….things would be tight this morning but I was sure with it being a cycle session that it was still possible.

I managed to get to the gym and be on the bike by 6:15am, so 15 minutes later than I would have liked. I started the session and found it difficult to get into a good rhythm above 100rpm with me only having managed 1km by the 2 minute mark (on track for a 15km distance instead of the targeted 16.5km). I tried lifting the revs for the next period but found it fluctuating between the 100 and 105rpm continuously, by the 5 minute mark I had travelled 2.6km so I had pushed a little ahead.

The next five minutes on the bike was also a bit of a struggle to get consistent speed, I just couldn’t keep the revs at the 105 mark which resulted in me only having travelled just over 5km by the 10 minute mark. It was going to take a lot to make up the lost distance already. I pushed hard and got the revs up to 110 for the next ten minutes, I passed 5.3km mark by 10 minutes today was proving a challenge. By the 15 minute (half way mark) I had managed to increase my speed enough to be approaching the 8km mark, this I passed at 7 seconds after 15 minutes. I was still behind where I wanted to be but slowly getting back on track. it was too early to try and lift the intensity any further so I pushed on.

By the 20 minute mark I had travelled 11km, I started trying to do the calculations in my head as to whether or not I’d be able to have a go at setting a new PB despite the slow start. I raised the intensity to 115rpm and managed to hold it there throughout the next 5 minutes and managed to pass the 13km just after the 25th minute. I raised the intensity again holding it around the 120rpm for the last five minutes, passing the 16km mark at the 28 minutes and 30 second mark. I knew that there wouldn’t be any new PB today but wanted to push myself to see how far I could get. By the 30 minute mark I had ridden 16.41km an effort that I am not too disappointed with.

Tomorrow’s session is a cross training one, I will look forward to pushing myself a little harder n both the run and the cycle and seeing what results will come from it.

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