A Struggle to Commit

Day 24 – Thursday the 23rd of February 2012.

Today’s session was juts plain hard to commit to doing, I don’t know if it was because of a lack of energy due to my fasting yesterday for Ash Wednesday, the soccer game last night at 9:20pm or the cold I seem to have at the moment but something made getting to the gym that little bit harder this morning. When my alarm went off at 5:30am I struggled to get out of bed and got ready for my gym session, after having some thoughts about skipping the session and just going back to sleep.

I arrived at the gym right on 6:00am and got into my 20 minute run by 6:05am, I was still feeling pretty lethargic and tight from the game last night ant not being awake but started the run on the same settings that I have been doing throughout this week with five minutes consecutively on 7.5, 10, 12.5 and then 10km/h. I found it a bit harder this morning and thought about stopping at the 15 minute mark but managed to push through, my nose being blocked  was not helping my breathing…I guess that this is one of the joys about being back teaching.

At the end of the run I got onto the cycle for my 15 minute ride, I was feeling much more awake now but still was uncertain how the ride would go. This ride is the hardest one I have done so far, my legs just felt like led weights and it was difficult to even get the rpm around the 100 mark consistently. By the 5 minute mark I had managed to do just on 2.6km which is under what I needed to bring up 8km in the time period. I tried to lift the intensity but just physically couldn’t this morning so I found by the 10 minute mark I had only gone 5.5km. It was looking like the distance I would travel would at best be 8km, this did disappoint me a bit but decided that all I could do now is push. I tried to lift the intensity and managed to get it to fluctuate between the 100 and 105rpm mark, I just couldn’t get above this today for some reason. By the 15 minute I had travelled 7.93km, this is one of my worst distances over this time but today I just couldn’t do anything about it as my legs just wouldn’t move.

I am happy that I managed to commit to going to the gym and giving everything I had to the session. It is always disappointing when you don’t managed to achieve a new best or even live up to previous performances but I guess that this is similar to life where just because you put in a lot of effort doesn’t mean that you always achieve what you want immediately. It’s all in the journey of making it that really makes the person.

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