A Week into the Fresh Start

Day Fifty Two – Tuesday 17th July.

A week and one day on from my starting again I have managed to achieve my goal of being consistent with my training times and discipline to doing the sessions. If I am being really honest I have found it very difficult to get up so early in the middle of winter to do my sessions, however, I know the rewards I will see in two months times will makes it all worthwhile. Since my last entry I have completed a weights session last Tuesday, Friday and this morning and cardio sessions on Thursday and Monday (yesterday). Already I have noticed a difference cardio wise when it comes to my indoor soccer, I found that last Wednesday I did have a lot more energy in our semi-final victory. I am hoping that come tomorrow night that trend is the same and I have a decent amount of energy for the Grand Final, BXVI’s last game until October as we are in the middle of changing venues for a bit of a change.

My weights sessions have proved challenging, especially in the days following them with my whole body protesting at lifting weights that  was doing easily before my break (this is a bit embarrassing). I do know that I have had a long lay off so am not expecting miraculous lifts at this time. I am managing to press 60kg straight away and use the 17.5 and 20kg dumb-bells for most of my activities. I will stay with this weight over the next few weeks to get my body back into routine.

One of the biggest things I will need to address is my food / dietary intakes. I will need to head off and get myself some more creatine as I am all out, and start taking my protein shakes again (I have them sitting at home it’s just a matter of getting into the habit of two to three times a day. Last year I tried out some hyrodoxy cut as well – I might get get back onto a program of that in a little while but really I am keen to just take it all slowly as I do have a decent amount of time to get myself back into shape before the recommencement of indoor soccer and then the Summer Holidays after this.

I am no sure when my next post will be, I think trying to do one a week is a much more realistic approach especially when the university and school terms start from next week.

Here’s to the coming week and the exciting adventures ahead!

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