An Unfortunate Trend

Day Thirty Three – Saturday 3rd March 2012.

Today I missed my morning session it is an unfortunate trend on Saturdays that I will really need to look at addressing as I move forward in my training as the lack of discipline in this one area could overflow into other areas of my life. Normally I would hold off writing my post on the matter until later in the day however I have a lot of university work that I will need to be doing later today and my post writing is something that could become a distraction from me getting the tasks I have set aside for today completed.

I guess as the year moves forward I am just going to have to grow and develop in this area of always staying disciplined and on top of all of my workload across training, work, study, family and relationships (most importantly my relationship with my wife) to ensure that nothing suffers as a result of me getting lazy.

Tomorrow is my scheduled rest day from training, I don’t think it will end up being a total rest day from life with me still having a number of tasks especially university readings to keep up with. My big aim from a training point of view over the next few weeks will be to overcome this unfortunate Saturday trend and make sure that I get the morning session in before my 9:00am student.

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