Back into the Cross Training

Day 15 – Tuesday 14th February 2012

Today’s session was the first cross training one that I have done for over a week and a half. My knee had been feeling good over the past few days to the point where I felt it was tine to start diversifying my workout sessions a little more.

I got up fairly easily at 5:30am this morning and headed into the gym. The session was going to comprise of a 20 minute run followed by a 5 minute ergo before a 10 minute cycle to finish the session.I had a coffee booked in with my good friend Sam at epic coffee at 7:00am so I needed to be disciplined with time sot ensure that I got there on time.

The 20 minute run was going to be taken at an easier pace to what I had previously done, the aim of today’s session wasn’t to push my run too hard but rather to ease back into the routine of cross training. I started the run on 7.5km/h and ran this speed for 5 minutes before bumping up the speed to 10km/h which is where it stayed for the remainder of the time. This speed meant that I was running at a speed of doing 1 km every 6 minutes. My knee felt good throughout the entire run which I was happy with.

I got onto the ergo and started my 5 minute row, this exercise I found physically painful with my knee hurting with every contraction. I think that I might not do another ergo session for another few weeks to try and give my knee some more recovery time. I rowed just over 1 km in the 5 minutes, this is a lot less than I would have wanted to normally but considering the pain it was causing me the distance is understandable.

To finish the session I headed to the cycle for my 10 minute ride. My aim was to ride over the 5km in the 10 minute mark. I started off with good intensity, it seems that doing other exercises before the ride helped loosen up all my muscles and I was able to ride at a much higher rate straight away. By the end of the 10 minutes I had ridden 5.48km at a rate of between 100 and 115rpm and an average power of 168watts.

On a whole I was really happy with today’s session, I think for the remainder of the week I will keep doing lighter cross training and probably only have it comprised of running and cycling. Tomorrow will be a cycle day and I want to see if I can get close to the mark I set last Friday. I guess time will tell.

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