Back into the Full Workload

Day 66 – Tuesday 31st July 2012.

This week I feel may prove to be the biggest challenge I have faced since returning from my break from training. This is due to me now being under the full workload that I will be experiencing throughout the second half of this year with full time university, full time teaching and band direction, my own profession gigging and music practice and trying to be the best husband I can possibly be. A feat I hope to be up to across the board, I guess only time will tell.

Although it is still early days I am not finding it too difficult to get up at 5:20am  to be at the gym and started by 6:00am. I think that this probably due to me so far being disciplined with my going to bed between 11:00 and 11:30pm every night during the week and making sure on the weekends I sleep a little longer to help myself in my recovery.

Through all of these endeavours my biggest focus is going to be trying to be fully present to my wife as the second half of this year progresses as she is my first priority always. To do this well, and not get behind in any of my studies or overtired from early starts with training, I am going to try to apply myself to doing a little bit of additional study / assignment work every night through week nights with my usual study time for Saturdays. Then the big key will be to not think about any of it whilst I am with my wife, to switch off from all these other things going in my world at this point in time…now that will be the challenge!

This morning’s weights session was a good one that I am quite satisfied with, I am still no where near the weights I was lifting towards the end of last year but slowly this will get there! I managed to press 62.5kg today after completing two sets of 12 reps on 60kg, the two reps of 60kg felt a lot more comfortable today than it has in  previous sessions which is a great sign of things to come in the next few weeks. The remainder of the session also proved fruitful, I didn’t increase any weights anywhere else but did managed to complete the planned number of repetitions for each set for the first time. This means that probably come Thursday’s session I will look at increasing some of these weights to push myself a little harder…we’ll just wait and see how I pull up first though over the next day.

I did have a realisation whilst in the shower after my session about how passionate I am becoming about the importance in staying in shape. Being a musician I know of many of my colleagues who are over weight and unfit. This largely comes from a large number of late nights, lack of exercise and unhealthy diet. I haven’t done any research into this yet but I am sure that this would have a negative effect on their musical ability in the long term as it would effect their general health and well being in the long term. It would be interesting to work out what exercise routines would be good for different types of musicians and be able to motivate my colleagues in some way to start putting aside the time to exercise and work on their general fitness. I know scheduling exercise has had a great effect on me, surely it would do the same for them.

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