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Day 24 – Thursday 24th January 2013.

Today is the first day I have managed to get back into my running program for almost two weeks. Whilst I have had every intention of training throughout the move it unfortunately proved too much for me physically with fatigue being the largest factor from being able to do my runs / training sessions.

I woke up today feeling tired and not wanting to exercise but knowing that it isn’t going to get any easier when school goes back next week I managed to get myself organised and motivated enough to go for my run. Today was going to be a 7.5km run which would be Lake Monger (7km) plus an additional 500m with where I parked.

I set myself no real goals from a time point of view, it was more the matter of doing it, but when I got into the car I realised that I had forgotten my iPod which meant that I would be running to no music. I wasn’t sure whether this would prove to be a good thing or a bad thing…only time would tell.

I arrived at the footbridge car park that I would be starting from today at 8:45am and began on my two lap trip around the lake. Although I found myself feeling tight to begin with I found that very quickly I loosened up and was feeling good. I seemed to be setting a good time and pace with my rhythm, I had no way to judge this without my music or a watch but it seemed that I was only being influenced by my rhythm and not the tempo of the songs I listen to.

Day 24Very quickly I found myself half way through the first lap, feeling good and certain that my time was going to be a good one. On a couple of occasions I could feel my pace drop off as my mind wandered through the things I have to get done today and tomorrow (the last few days of holidays), financial concerns and worries, ways I could bolster my number of private students, goals for this year (especially if I wanted to start training towards a long distance race which one of my best mates would be keen for me to do with them), what I was going to do from a Catholic Liturgical music perspective this year and what posts could I write / need to write for both and to help people in their everyday life. I managed to always get refocused quickly and pick the pace back up to a constant rhythm.

By the end of the first lap I was feeling a little tired but still fresh enough that I didn’t even consider stopping, powering through I found myself a quarter of the way through this lap in good time. I began judging my speed against the other runners by how far they had walked / run in the opposite direction by the time I passed them for the second, third and even fourth time. This helped motivate me and push me on, another way I did this was by setting targets of when I would catch the person in front or beat the person in the other direction to a specific object.

The last kilometre of the run I tried to pick up the pace. My legs had started to fatigue from the run and I found myself having to really fight and push to achieve this. I think I did manage to increase my speed, even if it was just a little. The hardest part of the run was at the very end, the footbridge. Running back up the footbridge I pushed myself hard to keep the pace constant, this caused a great burning in my legs all the way through to my car.

Having arrived back at the car I checked the time to find it the time had just ticked over to 9:25am, making the time for the run 40 minutes for 7.5km. This means that I ran 5 min and 20 second kilometres on average. The time is also just off the best speed I had managed for a distance of 7km, I ran an extra 500m in the same sort of time!

All of this good work will be undone if I don’t go for my run tomorrow morning. Here’s to getting back into the grind of everyday life!

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