Birthday Soccer in the Heat

Day Twelve – Saturday the 11th of February 2012.

My session today was totally different from the one that I had done yesterday. My Brother in Law, John, had decided to celebrate his 17th birthday with a game of soccer with his family and friends down at the local park, Butler’s Reserve in Wembley Downes, WA. The game was to start at 10:00am and then after playing for a few hours we were to head down to City Beach for a swim and some lunch.

I ended up thinking I would be a few minutes late due to my teaching at my music studio, I managed however to arrive right on 10:00am to find that only a handful had managed to get there by the set time. I was feeling a little stiff and sore from yesterday’s bike session still so i went for a decent run and did a series of stretches as the numbers continued to increase.

We finally got started around the 10:30am with teams picked and everyone feeling fairly pumped for a big day, it had turned out we had probably close to a full sided game of 11 on each team which was a great turnout. Normally when we play we don’t worry about centre kickoffs but for john’s birthday we decided we were going to have kickoffs as well as keep score (normally we just play golden goal).

The game was a fantastic workout, the amount of short sprint work I ended up doing really got my heart rate up. The temperature also continued to climb making it really important to keep up the intake of water to prevent dehydration. After about an hour we stopped for half time, I drank another 2 litres of water during this break and ate another banana before the second half. The score at half time was 4-5 with the other team in front.

The start of the second half saw my team go on a quick burst and score to level up the scores at 5-5. The second half ended up being fought at as a higher intensity as the first half with both teams throwing everything at their opposition trying to score a goal and get on top. When the game looked like it was drawing to a close we called last goal to finish off the game. The other team scored this very quickly and John decided we needed to keep playing, we extended the play only to have our team score almost straight away as well, this levelled up scores at 7-7.

Knowing we couldn’t settle for a draw we continued on for one more goal, this came about five minutes later when the team I was on put the ball past the goal keeper to claim victory in John’s birthday soccer match.

This workout today was a great change for me, I haven’t been doing any sprint training at all since starting back in to the routine. I have been trying to build up a base fitness first before hitting sprinting. Whilst I am going to continue with my current plan of a good three to four weeks of endurance work before mixing things up I am happy to have had a change for one session. Tomorrow is my rest day…I can’t wait for a day off!

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