A Week into the Fresh Start

Day Fifty Two – Tuesday 17th July.

A week and one day on from my starting again I have managed to achieve my goal of being consistent with my training times and discipline to doing the sessions. If I am being really honest I have found it very difficult to get up so early in the middle of winter to do my sessions, however, I know the rewards I will see in two months times will makes it all worthwhile. Since my last entry I have completed a weights session last Tuesday, Friday and this morning and cardio sessions on Thursday and Monday (yesterday). Already I have noticed a difference cardio wise when it comes to my indoor soccer, I found that last Wednesday I did have a lot more energy in our semi-final victory. I am hoping that come tomorrow night that trend is the same and I have a decent amount of energy for the Grand Final, BXVI’s last game until October as we are in the middle of changing venues for a bit of a change.

My weights sessions have proved challenging, especially in the days following them with my whole body protesting at lifting weights that  was doing easily before my break (this is a bit embarrassing). I do know that I have had a long lay off so am not expecting miraculous lifts at this time. I am managing to press 60kg straight away and use the 17.5 and 20kg dumb-bells for most of my activities. I will stay with this weight over the next few weeks to get my body back into routine.

One of the biggest things I will need to address is my food / dietary intakes. I will need to head off and get myself some more creatine as I am all out, and start taking my protein shakes again (I have them sitting at home it’s just a matter of getting into the habit of two to three times a day. Last year I tried out some hyrodoxy cut as well – I might get get back onto a program of that in a little while but really I am keen to just take it all slowly as I do have a decent amount of time to get myself back into shape before the recommencement of indoor soccer and then the Summer Holidays after this.

I am no sure when my next post will be, I think trying to do one a week is a much more realistic approach especially when the university and school terms start from next week.

Here’s to the coming week and the exciting adventures ahead!

A Fresh Start

Day Forty Four – Monday 9th July.

Today I have started trying to get back into the Fitness Regime for 2012. I have had such a slack few months with not being able to commit to regular gym sessions which I actually find quite embarrassing. The business of every day life with full time teaching, study, The Wedding Music Planner and gigging just seemed to gradually get on top of me and kept my eyes of the training goals that I had set myself at the beginning of the year. Well all I can do now is try to take it one day at a time and see how I go for the remainder of the year.

I have put on an additional five kg that I need to lose to get back down to my ideal weight of 78kg, I hope that I can managed this over the next few months if I apply myself to the task at hand…there’s five months until I go on Summer holidays, it’d be great to be in shape for the beach by then – that’s the aim and I think it’s doable!

My alarm went off this morning at 5:30am and it was difficult to get up out of bed with it being cold and dark. Being on holidays for the next few weeks also presents a challenge as I could try and put off my sessions to later in the day, however, knowing myself as well I do I would be worried that I would not actually commit to getting to the gym to complete the session – it really does seem that for me it’s a “go early or not at all” reality.

I got to the gym just before 6:00am, and boy it felt cold out and about! I had only just warmed up in the car by the time I arrived in Subiaco (a 15 minute drive) and then I froze again between the car and the front of the gym. Luckily I timed it well and I could walk straight in without having to wait at all. After dropping off my stuff I headed for the treadmill, 15 minute run at 10 km/h. I wanted to go with an easy start for the session today as the training is  going to be about longevity and my body will take a while to get back into the swing of things fully. After the 15 minute run I headed to the ergo machine and did only a 5 minute ergo, again, today I didn’t push myself too hard but tried to keep it consistent with the stroke rate around the 30 per minute and the 500m split between 1 min 55 sec and 2 min 5 seconds.

Having completed this I headed for the resistance bikes and managed to do a 10 minute ride. This ride was no where near the sorts that I had been doing previously, I only managed 4.81km in the 10 minutes but that’s ok, it’s my first day back.

I finished the session with some abs work, 80 situps, and light stretching. All up the workout took me around 45 minutes to complete which is an ok beginning to this fresh start.

Tomorrow I will try to break it all up with a weights session, I am a little apprehensive as I know that Wednesday and Thursday will be very sore as a result of the session, however I do want to jump back into getting this good routine going whilst on holidays, it might just provide me with the momentum I need to get things going for the rest of the year. Unlike before, I don’t think I will post every day that I train – I will aim for once every couple of days. This might make it a little easier for me to maintain the updates and accountability to myself.

Fingers crossed day two goes well!

Now time for some eggs for breakfast.

Getting Back into a Routine.

Day Forty Three – Thursday 3rd May.

It has been over two months since doing my last post, I would like to be able to say that it was just because I have been too busy and that I had been keeping to my fitness training six days a week, however this would be telling a lie. I have been finding it difficult to commit to my training sessions on a regular basis just because of overall tiredness levels, between the rigours of Uni and assignments, teaching full time as a tutor and band director, gigging and doing my best to be a good husband I just got to the point of exhaustion.

Since last Monday I have been making an effort to try and get back into some sort of routine, I really do want to get some regularity back into the gym sessions and get myself fit and in shape to a degree that I would be happy with. The past two weeks have had some success with me managing to train on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday last week and Thursday (today) this week. They say it takes up to three weeks to form a good habit so there’s still a long way to go, but I think I am up to it or at least give it a good shot.

I have started back on the weights sessions rather than just doing cardio and my goodness how it has hurt me. With sessions on Tuesday and Thursday last week and today on the Thursday my body is slowly getting back into the strains of resistance training, although it probably will still take a few weeks before my body is not in pain and stiffness for days after the session. I have been doing nothing too hard and strenuous and have lost about 15 kg off what I was comfortably lifting back at the beginning of November, this doesn’t overly bother me as I have always found that it is easier to get back to where you have been previously at a faster rate…you just have to take some time for the first few weeks getting everything back on track and all the muscles moving together properly.

I am going to do my best to try and start posting again every day on my progress and journey. I am not sure how realistic it is, especially with how hectic life is going to be over the next couple of weeks. I have worked it out that most nights I have a gig or a rehearsal and then there is a major assingnment due in at University by the end of next week which really needs to be done by the end of the weekend.

Fingers crossed everything all works out!


Mondays are Always a Struggle

Day Forty Two – Monday 12th of March 2012.

It was really difficult to get out of bed this morning when my alarm went off at 5:30am. I don’t know if it is because of this head cold I have or if it is just the repercussions of the busy lifestyle that I am living but my body is just feeling tired a lot, I am not seeming to recover over the weekend period…That is something that will need to be addressed going forward further into the year, it is only March after all!

After much internal fighting with myself I managed to convince myself to go and do some sort of session, even if it was a light one. On top of being tired my left leg is feeling quite numb today due to some vaccination boosters I had yesterday. I didn’t want to overdo the session due to this soreness in my leg so a light session sounded like a good option.

I arrived at the gym quite late (6:15am) and was on the bike by just after 6:20am. Today was going to be super light with no pushing myself at all, it was more a matter of doing something today rather than intensity. I set the bike to an effort of three (half what I usually use) and started off. I was only going to ride for a total of 20 minutes today, as I needed to make sure I wasn’t late for work at 7:30am. By the end of the 20 minutes I had ridden only 9km, I had gotten up a little bit of a sweat but nowhere my usual efforts.

Tomorrow I will continue to try and rebuild and refocus, hopefully it will get easier as the week progresses…

What Do We Do When We Fail?

Day 38 – Thursday 8th March 2012.

THis week has been probably the most difficult week of the Fitness Training 2012 I have had experienced so far. After weeks of feeling like I could just do it all really easily I have found that I have hit a wall with regards to everything from training to writing my posts to overall energy. Ok, the posts writing has just been because I have found it really difficult to just get a moment to do it between teaching, study and spending time with Melis but the other factors have been just a lack of being motivated.

I ended up having the whole long weekend off training and I feel that this really might have had something to do with it due to a loss of momentum. That all being said, I have tried to get back into good routine but have just found it difficult.

The last few days I have been reminded of line from the latest Batman movies,

What do we do when we fail?

We pick ourselves back up again.

This is really what I am trying to do this week, failure itself does not dictate how successful I am going to be, in fact as motivational speaker and leader John Maxwell would say, the one common trait all successful leaders have is that they have failed continuously, it is however a matter of how you deal with that failure and pick yourself back up.

Todays session was an ok one, I have found myself feeling tired a lot recently. I got to the gym just after 6:00am and was on the treadmill for my 20 minute run by 6:10. The run went well, my nose being blocked made it hard to breath but I did manage my usual start to the session with running at speeds of 7.5, 10, 12.5 and finally 10km/h in 5 minute intervals. The distance covered by the end was the usual 3.33km.

I moved onto the bike for my ride, whilst I would have loved to have ridden for 15 minutes I did only manage 10minutes and covered 5.32km in this time. A little disappointing and definitely a lot more work will be needed to get things rolling again properly.

I will endeavour to get back into my daily posts…I jst have to make the time ensure it gets done I guess!

A Productive Day Off

Day 34 – Sunday the 4th March 2012.

Today’s rest day was a really interesting one with me getting a lot of different things done. Whilst it was a rest as such from training I am sure that the  majority of people would not look at it as having been a day off.

I got up around the 8:00am mark after not having one to bed until 2:00am, I was up late last night doing some study for university into various learning theories of education. So when I got up I was feeling pretty tired, it was strange that as I got up my wife, Melissa, was heading to bed after just having worked a night shift at the hospital.

The day itself has been thoroughly enjoyable with me having breakfast with my mm and dad, sister, brother, sister in law and my niece and nephew. I love spending time with them and don’t get it to do it as half as much as i would like just due to the business of life. After breakfast I managed to head into ECU and do a couple of hours of study before heading home to see Melissa who had gotten up for her afternoon soccer game.

We arrived at the ground for her game to fin that no one else was there, the game had been cancelled and no one had let her know this detail. After we’d gotten over the annoyance factor we decided it was a good chance to see her family who had all gathered for the usual Sunday lunch. It was a great time to enjoy good company, especially considering the two new babies born the last fortnight were also present with their respective mums and dads.

Melissa and I finished the day with a dinner at one of our favourite restaurants.

It really has been a great day all around, as I write this Melissa has headed off for work for her next shift – half way through the nights now! I will get some more study done tonight and be up for a session tomorrow. With it being a public holiday the gym won’t open until 7:00 am which is too late for me so I think I might try a different session for the morning before being in at the library all day studying.

Fun and exciting times ahead!


An Unfortunate Trend

Day Thirty Three – Saturday 3rd March 2012.

Today I missed my morning session it is an unfortunate trend on Saturdays that I will really need to look at addressing as I move forward in my training as the lack of discipline in this one area could overflow into other areas of my life. Normally I would hold off writing my post on the matter until later in the day however I have a lot of university work that I will need to be doing later today and my post writing is something that could become a distraction from me getting the tasks I have set aside for today completed.

I guess as the year moves forward I am just going to have to grow and develop in this area of always staying disciplined and on top of all of my workload across training, work, study, family and relationships (most importantly my relationship with my wife) to ensure that nothing suffers as a result of me getting lazy.

Tomorrow is my scheduled rest day from training, I don’t think it will end up being a total rest day from life with me still having a number of tasks especially university readings to keep up with. My big aim from a training point of view over the next few weeks will be to overcome this unfortunate Saturday trend and make sure that I get the morning session in before my 9:00am student.

Reaching New Limits

Day 32 – Friday 2nd March 2012.

Well, today’s session proved to have an interesting turn of events in it that I never expected, I set my second personal best distance for the week over a 30 minute time period. On Wednesday when I finally broke through the 17km mark I was really quite excited but at the same time didn’t know how much more I’d have in me with regards to improvement….I guess today’s session sort of answered that one pretty quickly! As I reflect on being able to push so much further past the 17km mark it reminds me a little of the 4 minute mile which no one could break, it was apparently impossible, until one man did and then in the next year another 40 odd people did as well. Mind over matter and breaking through the mental blocks we put on ourselves seems to yet again be one of the biggest barriers we have to overcome to achieve our fullest potential.

I got up this morning at 5:30am, not having had the best sleep after a late night with my Pimps of sound gig last night, I struggled out of bed and managed to get ready for the gym session I had ahead. By the time I got to the gym I was feeling relatively awake…the drive there was a bit of a struggle, but I managed, and arrived by 6:05am and was on the cycle by 6:10am.

I wanted to ride a good distance in today’s 30 minute ride, I felt this was important to follow up and build on what was achieved on Wednesday but had no idea whteher it would be possible or not. I started off at a good pace and was covering good distance for time over the first five minutes having travelled around 2.7km by the 5 minute mark. I hadn’t yet started to calculate out what this speed would achieve if I kept it up over the entire 30 minutes but I was feeling good.

By the 10 minute mark I had noticed that I had covered 5.6 km which meant that I had actually gained more ground in the second five minute period. A was feeling pretty wrapped, not to mention pretty knackered, that I was making so much distance and set myself the next task of seeing how far past the 8km mark I could be by the 15 minute mark. Ideally I would have liked to have hit 8.5km by the 15 minute mark but just fell short of this having ridden 8.48km in the first 15 minutes.

My next task was to have ridden over 11km by the 20 minute mark, which I managed to achieve by riding the distance of 11.5km. This distance covered put me in a great position, I had 10 minutes to ride 5.5km to get over the 17km mark – a feat that was now definitely possible.

I elevated the work rate trying to get over 15km by the 25 minute mark, I just missed this having ridden 24.5km. I reassessed and decided that by the 27.5 minutes I sold have gotten over 16km, which I did easily. By the start of the 29th minute I passed my best distance of 17.07km, it was now a dash to the finish with the end distance being 17.7km in the 30 minute period.

I am really wrapped with this, it does leave me with an interesting situation…is it possible for me to break the 18km mark in the next week or two?

Pushing it Fine

Day Thirty One – Pushing it Fine.

I am finding it increasingly difficult to find the time to write my daily post of accountability for my fitness training session. Tonight’s is probably pushing it a little too fine writing it at 11:20pm when I need to bed in bed by 11:30 to ensure I get a good five and a half hours sleep. Unfortunately I don;t think today’s post is going to be the best quality.

This morning’s session went really well, it was no record breaking effort which i had a feeling it wouldn’t be after yesterday’s ride. I got to the gym at about 6:05am and was on the treadmill by 6:15. I did my usual 20 minute run which went reasonably well, I am finding myself a little short of breath and struggling a little on the 12.5km/h setting although I think this is more due to me seeming to have picked up a cold from students rather than from being unfit. To overcome this cold and prevent further inconveniences I think I might need to buy some antiseptic hand gel to keep in my tutoring room at each of my schools as being a woodwind tutor I do need to deal with kids spit and muck…it just goes with the territory unfortunately.

After finishing my run I headed for the bike and managed to do my full 15 minute ride. Again, I didn’t set any record breaking pace only managing to get out just over 8km in the time frame. I did find myself feeling quite tight after this so had a good stretch.

Tomorrow’s session is the final 30 minute ride for the week, it will be interesting to see how it all goes. I would love to set another personal best time and push things further but I do think that I will have to overcome my mind to do this as it’s getting to the point where I don’t know how much more I have within me to really push this. I guess time will tell!

Beyond 17km

Day 30 – Wednesday the 29th of February 2012.

What can I say? I am just lost for words at the fact that today I broke through the 17km in 30 minutes for my bike session a the gym. My speechlessness is largely due to the way I felt when I got up this morning, my wrestling with whether to do the session or not, the lethargy I felt when starting on the bike and just overall tiredness.

My day started really slowly with me waking up at 5:30am totally disorientated and not even being able to find the off switch on the alarm. It’s days like these that I feel really sorry for my wife who was woken up as a result of me being in a deep sleep. After a minute or so I found the alarm off switch and then seriously deliberated whether or not I’d do the session. I felt so tired and worn down after the enormous day I had yesterday consisting of 3 hours of uni in the morning before 3 hours of teaching and another 3 hours of uni followed by a three hour rehearsal. I left home yesterday at 5:45am and didn’t get back until around 10:30pm…now that’s a long day!

After my wrestle I got up and got ready for the gym, I would have to make one stop and get some petrol as I was on empty after the long drive we had in the country on the weekend, I got into the gym a little later at around 6:10am. I was on the bike by 6:15am and ready for my ride, I was still not feeling like it but wanted to put in a good effort to make the session worthwhile.

I started the ride and was doing an ok sort of pace, it really wasn’t anything special with the revs sitting between 98 and 110 throughout the first five minutes before I found any consistency between the 5 and 10 minute marks. The distance covered in the first five minutes wasn’t anything too special being just at the 2.6km pace, by the 10 minute mark I had managed to bring that up to only 5.3km. I was actually worried that making the 15 – 16km would be a challenge from here, I didn’t want to go less than the 15 so I started putting in place some small goals to make sure that I was on track, the first being to have hit 7.5km at a minimum by the 15 minute mark.

At 15 minutes I had ridden 7.98km, I had achieved the goal of riding 7.5km but my distance was still set to be under the 16km mark with this current pace. I set my next goal of trying to have ridden 11km by the 20 minute mark. I f I managed to reach this goal then not only would the 16km be a possibility but I would have turned things around enough to maybe reach the 17km mark. I pushed hard throughout these 5 minutes and managed to get the distance up to 11.1km by 20 minutes, I had actually achieved the goal set and brought back into play a chance of a PB distance!

The next five minutes were crucial for setting a PB, in Monday’s session the 20 – 25 minute period is where I really let myself down and fell off the pace. I knew I had to ride a minimum of 600m every minute to stay on track. I pushed hard bringing the rpm up to 120rpm with a work out put of around the 180 Watts. By the 25 minute I had managed to stay on track having ridden 14.1km, still 100m ahead of where I was needing to be. My legs were still feeling good, I was finding it difficult to keep the consistent speed and at times had to make up lost distance.

The last five minutes turned into a dash to the finish so to speak. I raised the revs to 125 and had a power output at times of up to 198 watts. By the 28 minute mark I had passed 16km and knew that a new personal best was definitely possible. By 29 minutes and 50 seconds I was passing the 17km mark, I had done it, now it was a matter of the last 10 seconds which resulted in me riding another 70 metres to end up with a distance of 17.07km for the 30 minutes.

I am really happy with this result and very surprisde. When I got up this morning I didn’t ever imagine that today would be the day that I would break 17km in 30 minutes, I guess it goes to show that the results really do come through committing and pushing through difficulty and adversity. This is a lesson I’d like to hope that I can learn and remember for the many mornings I will have to come this year where I don’t feel like doing the work.

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