The Pimps of Sound 19th July 2012

Gig Details:

Band : The Pimps of Sound

Date : Thursday 19th July 2012

Time : 11:00pm

Venue : The Rosemount Hotel, North Perth.

On the 19th of July 2012 The Pimps of Sound, featuring Marnie Kent, performed as the closing act of “The Birth” the official launch of drum and bass music. This event was held at the Rosemount Hotel in North Perth, Western Australia. The evening was well supported with many Drum and Bass fans coming out to support the two live bands and various DJs and MCs performing on the evening including Freqshow, an 8 piece live Drum and Bass band and The Pimps of Sound who finished off the evening with a set of their liquid groove drum and bass styles.

This show was the second show that singer Marnie Kent has done with The Pimps of Sound with the first being earlier in the evening at the Leederville Hotel. Her strong and powerful vocals and commanding stage presence were an welcomed addition to tight outift of The Pimps, being Rob Ferari on bass and Zen Fusion on electric drums, and myself, Simon Montgomery on the Tenor Saxophone with effects and featuring Defyre MCing on two of the tunes.

The set featrued a number of the songs that have become well known around Perth by those who follow The Pimps of Sound including “Cubious”, “Undone”, “Sarvo” and “Ain’t No Sunshine” although all of these had a new flavour with the inclusion of Marnie’s interpretation of the vocals giving all songs a fresh new perspective and feel. MC Defyre joined the Pimps for the songs “Undone”, “Sarvo” and “Discipline” adding some edge and attitude to a well oiled performance.

A huge thanks to The Pimps of Sound for another opportunity to play with them, the attitude and vibe as well as level of musicianship for these original Drum and Bass songs always makes it a fun and exciting experience. A huge thanks also to the crowd who came and supported the event and the organiser Adam Germano for his generosity in inviting The Pimps of Sound to be a part of a great evening.

The Pimps of Sound next gig will be at The William Street Bird. No date has been set for this yet, stay tuned for more updates which can be found easily via both The Pimps of Sound facebook page and Simon Montgomery facebook page.

The Pimps of Sound 19th July 2012 – Leederville Hotel

Gig Details:

Band : The Pimps of Sound

Date : Thursday 19th July 2012

Time : 7:15pm

Venue : The Leederville Hotel.

On Thursday the 19th of July The Pimps of Sound the Pimps of sound performed their first of to shows for the evening as the opening act at the Leederville Hotel’s Leederville Loungeroom, an evening dedicated to promoting and supporting the best of Perth’s original local bands, comedians and open Micers of al description with a set running from 7:15 – 8:00pm.

This show is the first since the Massive Music Explosion promoted and organised by The Pimps of Sound at the Norfolk Basement on the 22nd of June and was also the first show which featured the powerful vocals of Marnie Kent. The Pimps, consisting of Rob Ferrari on bass and Zen Fusion on electric drums and loops and samples, have worked hard to create a powerful and memorable set of original music which is having an impact through the local drum and bass scene in Perth. These well known songs were given a fresh approach for these shows due to the direction vocalist Marnie Kent decided to take the songs with her interpretation of a new set of lyrics to any that had been previously been used at other Pimps gigs.

I personally feel that one of the exciting elements of the Pimps of Sound is the featuring of various vocalists and the integration of their lyrical approach into the fluid and smooth style that has become synonymous with The Pimps of Sound style.

The evening began with Cubious and continued with the songs UndoneAin’t No Sunshine, Discipline, Sarvo and the debut performance of the song Abandon. The evening also featured the MC skills of Defyre on the tracks Sarvo, Dicsipline and Undone as well as saxophone solos throughout the evening provided by me, Simon Montgomery.

A huge thanks to Rob and Zen with The Pimps of Sound for giving me the opportunity to play with them again. It is always a pleasure to play with amazing and talented musicians. Thanks also Marnie Kent and Defyre, two more incredible local Perth people with an enormous amount of talent. Finally thank you to the Leederville Hotel for the opportunity to be a part of The Leederville Lounge Room, I hope that we get the opportunity to play as a part of the evening again in the future. If you are in Leederville on a Thursday night or have nothing planned I would recommend getting along and supporting some of the local music talent that makes up the Perth music scene. It really is alive and well.

To be kept up to date with The Pimps of Sound’s upcoming events “like” their Facebook page. To be kept up to date with future events I am playing both with The Pimps of Sound and other bands please visit and “like” my Facebook page. I will look forward to seeing you at one of my gigs in the near future.

The Pimps of Sound Thursday 27th October 2011

Gig Details:

Band : The Pimps of Sound

Date : Thursday 27th October 2011

Time : 11:00pm

Venue : The Shed, Northbridge.

The Pimps of Sound performed as a part of an evening of original music held at the Shed in Northbridge on Thursday the 27th of October 2011. The evening, consisted of three local groups and covered a wide spectrum of music genres with the soulful grooves of the Amani Consort first up, followed by the high energy Dilip and the Davs with the Pimps of Sound concluding the evening. The Pimps of Sound, a project run by drummer Zen Fusion and bass player Rob Ferrari, contacted me to play saxophone and also enlisted the help of MC Aysha Amani to perform with them for this show.

The first act for the evening was Aysha Amani’s new outfit, the Amani Consort. This four piece started their set just after 9:00pm and set up a great groove that the growing audience really appreciated. The professionalism of this group, quality of their original compositions and their arrangements as well as the flow of songs throughout the entire set managed to get the audience up on the dance floor and dancing along.

Dilip and the Davs, the second band for the evening, brought their usual high energy and fun vibe to the stage. The intensity that this local band from Freo perform at every time always ensures that the crowd get an entertaining and enjoyable experience. It was great to see that the large following this band has in Fremantle came up to Northbridge to support the show, the dance floor being packed from their first to last song is a testament to the excellence in entertainment that is produced from Dilip and his sidemen.

The evening was finished with the performance from the Pimps of Sound. There were a few technical delays at the start of the set, the full electronic kit being used by Zen Fusion was being temperamental and there were problems with the amount of signal that was being sent to the front of house mix. This show was an important one for the Pimps as it was being recorded and video for a live demo to produced to use as promotional work for the group.

After overcoming the technical issues the band started with the song “Cubious” written by Zen Fusion. This tune featured a saxophone solo at the beginning of the tune over the synthesiser looped chords before the drums and bass came in with the groove. I was using an effects pedal throughout the evening, having a number of effects including distortion, harmonisers and various reverbs all programmed in. For this first song I was using a heavy and rather wet reverb with delay to really give the floating sound over the top of the grooves being laid down by the Pimps. In the bridge of this tune I would change to my harmoniser effect to give a fuller / horn section sound.

This song was finished with a saxophone solo in which I needed to modulate into the key of the next song “The Concept of Love”. Making sure that Zen Fusion could see me I cued the chords for the next tune and the sample pad in when I was ready and in the right key. Unfortunately there still seemed to be problems with the levels of the various pads with on stage everything feeling and sounding extremely loud. A highlight of this song for me was listening to MC Amani step up to the mic and MC her way through the various sections. Her skill with the ability to rhyme and play with the sense of time really provided great tension and release for the song. It was also an enjoyable one for the two of us to feed off each other ideas wise from an improvisation point of view.

A huge thanks must go to the Audio Engineer on the evening for the work they did to get everything up and running with the electronic music of the Pimps of Sound. Thanks also to the Pimps for the opportunity to perform with them, it’s always a fun experience for me, to Rob Ferarri for all of his work in organising the evening and to the Amani Consort and Dilip and the Davs for their entertaining sets. Finally I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Aysha Amani, it proved to be a pleasure for me again to be able to play a gig with her and hopefully we will get another chance to do it again in the near future.

The next show I have booked in at this point in time isn’t until the 10th of November when I will be playing down at Mojos in North Fremantle with Odette Mercy and her Soul Atomics in support of Randa and the Soul Kingdom’s upcoming album launch. If you are in Fremantle on that night I hope to see you there!

The Pimps of Sound Wednesday 13th July 2011

Gig Details:

Band : The Pimps of Sound

Date : Wednesday 13th July 2011

Time : 8:30pm

Venue : The Ellington Jazz Club

On Wednesday the 13th of July the Pimps of Sound performed their debut live performance at the Ellington Jazz Club, Perth Western Australia, to support the EP launch of Nicole Reid.

The Pimps of Sound, a live drum and bass band, has been the combined project and passion of Zen Fusion (drums) and Rob Ferrari (bass) for many years although it had taken until this opportunity to really start to give this project some substance. The concept has been for a band consisting of electronic drums (and samples triggered from the kit) to combined with a live bass player, using effects, and also a live vocalist / mc and solo instrument.

For the debut performance Zen and Rob approached me, Simon Montgomery, to play saxophone and MC Aysha Amani to provide the vocals and MCing over half an hour of both original and covered drum and bass music. My role as the saxophonist was to provide counter melody lines to MC Armani as well as develop melodic motifs inbetween the MCing over the various grooves and samples setup by Zen and Rob.

After some technical difficulties in rehearsals and at the sound check we took the stage not knowing fully how the concept of the band would be received as the drum and bass scene locally is not well known and as far as we knew it would be the first time that this sort of band would be attempted at the Ellington Jazz Club. The entire set, to our relief, ran smoothly and all feed back from the set was extremely positive.

For me personally I found this project a very interesting and quite challenging one. As a saxophone player i have not spent a lot of time working with effects pedals, for this show I was using delays, harmonisers and various kinds of distortion to add interest to my solos and also to fill out the overall song sound.

A huge thanks to MC Armani, it was a delight for me to meet her I will look forward to some interesting future collaborations with various other projects away from The Pimps of Sound. Thanks also must go to Zen Fusion and Rob Ferrari for the concept of a live drum and bass band, I will look forward to how they continue to develop this project as there is a definite market for it here in Perth and also on the festival scene.

Finally a thanks to Nicole Reid for allowing The Pimps of Sound to support her at the EP launch and to all the staff at the Ellington Jazz Club, every time I have performed there I leave having thoroughly enjoyed myself. It truly is one of, if not the, premiere small venue to perform at in Perth.

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