Gregory and Nusjaree Catholic Wedding Mass 1st of April 2017

I recently had the pleasure of organising the music for a Catholic Wedding Mass that was celebrated at the Parish I used to regularly attend, Holy Spirit in City Beach, Western Australia on Saturday the 1st of April, 2017.

I was contacted by the groom, Gregory Hall, two weeks prior to the wedding to enquire about various options that music could be included in his Wedding Mass. Gregory had initially approached my Father in-law after morning Mass at Holy Spirit with him thinking of trying to get the choir to sing. Unfortunately, the choir was not available so I was suggested as a good alternative to get excellent quality and prayerful / liturgically correct music in the short period of time left.

In the initial conversation with Greg he mentioned that he was thinking of just using recorded music and needing an operator, the main reason for this was related to volume, both Greg and Nusjaree didn’t want any of the focus taken off the importance of the commitment they were making to each other before God in front of their family and friends. They had concerns that live music might overpower the intimate atmosphere they were trying to create.

I made the suggestion that a piano with solo vocalist would be an option for live music which would be intimate and enhance the overall Mass rather than detract from it. After a few days consideration Greg made contact with me saying that they ad decided they’d like to have live music. The only stipulation was that the bridal entrance was a specific recorded traditional Thai song, “Love” which was important to Nusjaree to show the connection to her Thai heritage.

Over the next week Gregory emailed the various song names for the Mass through to me for me to source the music and prepare for they special day. I contacted the wonderful Stephanie Ryan to provide the main vocals while I did piano accompaniment and backing vocals. The songs they selected were:

  1. Pre-Music – Pachelbel’s Canon in D (performed by Simon Montgomery)
  2. Instrumental Music throughout the lighting of the candles (performed by Simon Montgomery)
  3. Here We Stand Lord (Traditional Hymn) for the lighting of the Unity Candle.
  4. Take Our Bread (Traditional Hymn) for the Offertory.
  5. Eucharistic Mass Parts.
  6. The Lord’s Prayer (Sister Janet Mead).
  7. One Bread One Body (Traditional) for Communion.
  8. Here I Kneel Before You (Traditional) for after Communion.
  9. Fields of Gold (Sting) Signing of the Register.
  10. Wedding March (Mendelssohn) Recessional Hymn.

The entire ceremony was one of intimacy and beauty. It is clearly evident that Gregory and Nusjaree love each other deeply and it was a pleasure to be able to contribute to the celebration to mark the beginning of their life together as husband and wife.

A huge thank you to Gregory and Nusjaree for entrusting me with the responsibility of organising and providing the music. In my conversation with Gregory at the conclusion of the wedding he was delighted at the quality of the music and how it was “just as he had imagined it.”

That is the biggest compliment a musician at a wedding can be paid.

I am available for booking as a musician or to organise musicians for your next event. Contact me for more details.

Misty de Haan and Tye Chatfield Wedding Ceremony

Event Details

Band: Ceremony Duo – Vocalist Steph Ryan and Classical Guitarist Karl Hiller.

Date: Friday 28th October, 3:00pm

Venue: Ceremony Gardens, The Novotel Vines Resort, Swan Valley.

Misty de Haan and Tye Chatfield celebrated their wedding ceremony and reception at the Novotel Vines Resort in the Swan Valley in western Australia on Friday the 28th of October in the beautiful setting of the ceremony gardens. This intimate outdoor wedding setting was complimented by the vocal talents of Steph Ryan accompanied by Karl Hiller on classical guitar, this music was organised through Simon Montgomery and my team at the Wedding Music Planner.

Misty contacted The Wedding Music Planner back in early March to enquire into possibilities for their wedding ceremony, wanting something that would be affordable and compliment the intimate and personal atmosphere of the venue. Misty was referred to the Wedding Music Planner through the Wedding Music Planner facebook page and a recommendation from a friend who used the services of Simon Montgomery as a piano accompanist at a previous wedding ceremony. Other requirements that Misty was wanting for their ceremony included the musicians learning a specific processional song and instrumental music being available for the guests for the period of approximately half an hour at the conclusion of the ceremony.

I suggested a number of options for small groups ensembles for this wedding ceremony including vocal and guitar plus vocal and piano options, the one that I thought would work best was in booking Steph Ryan, one of the contemporary vocalists available for bookings. Steph has performed a number of wedding ceremonies around Perth through the Wedding Music Planner as well as with organist Michael Peters and with The Catholic Guy Ministry. I felt that her relaxed and outgoing nature plus attitude to work hard would be perfect for this show. I suggested to Misty the possibility of booking Steph with a piano accompanist, which was more than likely going to be myself, to provide the music for the ceremony with solo piano happening after the ceremony to continue to entertain the guests. Misty was interested in this option and asked if she could hear the duo perform her processional song “Can’t Wait to Marry You” which she had found on YouTube. We organised a time for Steph duo to go out and meet with Misty and Tye and perform the processional song for them. About a month prior to the meeting Misty got in contact with me asking if it was possible to change the piano accompaniment to a classical guitarist instead. I let her know that this would be no problem for the ceremony however for the meeting at her place it would not be possible to have the guitarist was not available, she was happy with this arrangement so the meeting went ahead with Steph singing and me accompanying on keys.

On Sunday 26th of June Steph and I headed out to Misty and Tye’s house in Forrestfield to meet with them, audition the processional song and also go through the details of their wedding ceremony. We arrived at around 2pm and were greeted by Misty who was very appreciative of us making the effort to drive out to meet with them. After brief introductions we headed out onto their back pergola area and setup out equipment and performed their processional song, Steph sang it brilliantly and Misty was very happy to confirm the booking straight away. Misty wasn’t sure what she wanted for her recessional hymn at this point in time, they were thinking of “Signed Sealed Delivered”, we let her know that if she just get that information to us that would be fantastic. As a wedding planner I am loving meeting with clients and hearing about their story and the plans they have for their wedding day, every wedding is always unique and a reflection of the couple’s relationship.

In the coming weeks Misty had paid the deposit for the wedding music and sent me through the details of the wedding co-ordinator from the Vine, Jessica Terranova, for me to get in contact with and arrange a time to view the ceremony gardens. Upon contacting Jessica I made a time to view the area and get a good understanding of all the logistics of the day including setup, positioning of the band and the size of the area for PA purposes. Happy with all of this, I drew up diagrams for Steph and Karl to be able to follow and sent them via email to both of them. I have to thank Jessica and her team at the Vines Resort, they were really helpful and supportive of everything that we needed to make the wedding music a success, I found her organisation skills and abilities to be fantastic.

On the day of the wedding ceremony I spent an hour in the morning testing the PA system to ensure that everything was going to work smoothly and properly for their day. Steph Ryan came by in the middle of the day and collected the sound system plus the additional information that I had prepared for her and Karl outlining the various elements of the ceremony and gave her some business cards to be distributed if guests were interested in booking them. One of these elements included outlining exactly where they needed to setup as there were tow options available depending on where Misty and Tye had decided to have the main proceedings occur. Misty and Tye opted to have the main fountain as the centre piece with the formal proceedings occurring in front of this. To accommodate this Steph and Karl setup the music equipment off to the right hand side of the fountain in shade of a pergola.

Upon arriving at the ceremony location Steph and Karl met with the celebrant and the on duty co-ordinator at the Vines to run through any last minute details, both the celebrant and the co-ordinator were easy to work which made the entire ceremony a much easier experience.

The wedding celebration was a beautiful intimate for Misty and Tye and their close family and friends. Entering to the song “Can’t Wait to Marry You” Misty and her bridesmaids looked absolutely stunning and stole the show. The music provided was the perfect accompaniment and added to the atmosphere of the ceremony very well, Karl’s classical acoustic guitar was beautiful and elegant in its sound and timbre. The ceremony concluded with Misty and Tye leaving to the Stevie Wonder classic “Signed Sealed and Delivered” which was received very well by the guests gathered. For the next half an hour after the ceremony Karl continued to entertain the guests int he ceremony gardens with a range of songs from his diverse classical repertoire, this provided a pleasant atmosphere with a touch of class that people could appreciate whilst carrying on their conversation at a great ease. Karl performed at the perfect level of volume.

A huge thanks to Steph and Karl for doing a fantastic job with providing the music for this wedding, their professionalism and skill really added to the event and I am already excited at the prospect of them doing some more shows through the Wedding Music Planner in the near future. Thank you and congratulation also to Misty and Tye for the opportunity to organise and plan their wedding ceremony music, we wish you every success and happiness in the coming years as you embark on your life together as husband and wife.

The Wedding Music Planner is Simon Montgomery’s music management booking service that specialises in the provision of music for wedding ceremonies and receptions as well as other private and corporate functions. He prides himself in providing excellent professional musicianship at a reasonable cost. For more information or to book music for your next event contact the Wedding Music Planner.

St Thomas Big Band – Saturday 8th October 2011

Gig Details

Band : St Thomas Big Band

Date : Saturday 8th October 2011

Time : 11:00am – 1:00pm

Venue : The Perth Royal Show

The St Thomas Big Band had their debut performance at the Perth Royal Show on saturday the 8th of October 2011 from 11:00am to 1:00pm on the Carter Lawn Band Stand. The band entertained the crowd with an hour and half worth of big band music from across many genres including swing, latin, funk, ballads and jazz standards and featured solos from many of the members of the band.

At 11:50am the band launched into their set with the well known funk tune “Chameleon” written and recorded originally by Herbie Hancock on the Head Hunters album. The start was a little later than we had anticipated with there being a mixup in communication from the Royal Agricultural Society’s but this didn’t dampen either the band’s or the audiences spirits. The tune featured solos by Patrick van der Moezel on tenor saxophone, David Tran on alto saxophone, Michael Evans on trumpet and Gavin Nicklette on piano.

The conclusion of this song musical genres with a move back into the traditional Big Band style made famous by Count Basie with the tune “Splanky”. This hard swinging 12 bar blues saw the band demonstrate their diversity in performing a wide range of jazz tunes and genres and utilised the full diversity of instrumentalist. The initial melody presented by muted trumpets and Mason Tores on flute before the saxophone section joined the trumpets in the second chorus of the melody in a call and response style. Patrick van der Moezel launched into a tenor saxophone solo which was tasteful and showed an understanding of the Basie sound and style. At the conclusion of this solo the band, driven by Steve Connaughton on drums, launched into the band shout chorus that provided a great contrast in dynamic to the intimate sound that had been previously communicated throughout the song. This chorus lead into a piano solo performed by the band’s other pianist, Daryl Pranata.

The band moved from Basie to the other name synonymous with big band music for their next tune with a rendition of the ballad “In a Sentimental Mood”. This tune featured tenor saxophonist Patrick van der Moezel in a rubato style first 8 bars of the melody accompanied by Daryl Pranata on piano before the band joined to accompany him with some tasteful backing lines. The solo began in usual time before changing to a double time feel in the ninth bar of the solo to add some contrast to the piece. The melody was presented by the trumpet section with a counter melody in the saxes when the solo reached the bridge, throughout this Patrick continued to improvise with a great deal of sensitivity over the top of the band. At the end of the song the trumpets brought back in the melody in the original time before Patrick took over the melody for the final section of the song. The crowd were really appreciative of Patrick’s performance of this song with a large applause being given to him.

Steve Connaughton launched into the beginning of the band’s next tune, “Sing, Sing, Sing”, this high energy number featured Steve’s solo abilities with the drums having numerous solos between each section of the song and included an open solo before the band presented the last melody of the song. Some highlights of this tune included the sizzling trumpet lead lines that stretched the trumpet section’s chops. Andrew Boyes, a current student from Aquinas College, was performing the fourth trumpet part for this gig in his first appearance with the big band and was a big addition to the sound required for this tune to be a success.

To finish what would have been the end of the first set the band performed the tune “Superstition” a well known funk tune by Stevie Wonder. This arrangement has a couple of challenging parts that provide great tension and release for the listener by changing the time signature into a 3/4 cross rhythm figure. This chart featured solos by Michael Evans on trumpet and David Tran on the alto saxophone. The rhythms section lay down a great groove throughout this tune which was built upon by the sharp and tight lines by all of the horns, a special mention should go to Gavin Nicklette on the electric clavinova who really is the main driving force throughout the tune.

The “second set” got underway straight away with the band performing the next two tunes back to back in “Summertime” and “Shiny Stockings”. The arrangement of the well known Gershwin tune “Summertime” featured the various sections of the band including the trumpet section for the melody with Michael Evans having the lead solo and solo in the middle of the song, a lively saxophone soli section and then a band shout chorus before the melody was revisited by Michael Evans. The Basie standard written by tenor saxophonist Frank Foster “Shiny Stockings” heavily featured the saxophone section with a soli in the introduction as well as a full chorus soli later in the song. The main melody featured the brass section of the ensemble and demonstrated the band’s ability to layback on the beat to really make the tune swing over the jazz 2 feel being laid down by the rhythm section. In traditional Basie writing the highlights of this song would have to have been the use of dynamics in the full band soli. The sparseness of the rhythm section and tasteful drum fills by Steve Connaughton all added to the intensity of the tune and made it enjoyable for all who had stopped to listen.

Alto Saxophonist David Tran, was featured in the next song that the St Thomas Big Band performed – “Body and Soul”. This jazz standard made famous by tenor saxophonist Coleman Hawkins, featured luscious backing lines and chordal figures from the horn section throughout the “A” section of the piece before the saxophone section performed the first part of the bridge with David taking back over the melody for the final part of the tune. The solo was directed to move into a double-time feel with David’s improvisation soaring over the top of  various swinging band figures and section solis. Arguably the climax of the song came when the trumpet section brought the melody of the tune back in at the original tempo and time feel at the conclusion of the solo before David restated the last part of the melody and finished with a memorable solo cadenza.

The band was now getting towards the end of its time performing and the audience continued to grow in size as Tim Fiori playing the bass part started the funk song “King Strutt”. This funky twelve bar blues builds in its intensity right from the beginning with the addition of each section starting with drums and then followed by the remaining rhythm section, lower brass, saxes and finally trumpets. This catchy tune has a melody presented by the trumpets and saxophones at various stages with short band breaks to add diversity and interest to the entire song. The open solo section featured Patrick van der Moezel and David Tran on alto saxophone with the band providing backing stabs over the 12 bar blues on each soloist’s final chorus.

“O Lady Be Good” another well known George Gershwin tune was the second last tune for the St Thomas set. The band provided a great deal of energy in the introduction between the chordal hits in the brass and rhythm section to accompany the smooth flowing arpeggiated lines of the saxophones, the sound being reminiscent of the introduction to a musical from the 1920s and 1930s, before the melody was presented by the David Charlesworth on trumpet, David Tran on alto saxophone and Mason Tores on flute. This arrangement featured a solo by trumpeter David Charlesworth over the first half of the song form before David Tran took over the solo at the bridge on alto saxophone. The band’s introduction figured was re-introduced to which provided a dramatic build into a spirited saxophone soli that was performed with great energy and enthusiasm. At the conclusion of the saxophone solo Tim Fiori’s bass solo lead into a pyramid build throughout the band starting with the lower brass and trumpets before the addition of the saxophones into a key change and revisiting of the last part of the melody by the entire band. This key change provided the perfect climax and conclusion to a great chart and was quickly followed by a generous round of applause from an appreciative audience.

After a short break the St Thomas Big Band launched into their final song of the set “The Chicken” by Jaco Pastorius. This song, one of the band’s favourites, starts with the traditional soul introduction which featured tenor saxophonist Patrick van der Moezel and bass player Tim Fiori as well as drum fills by Steve Connaughton prior to the familiar bass riff commencing. The band’s energy lifted throughout this song with the trumpets reaching for the high stabs and playing parts of the melody up the octave. Soloists for this song included Patrick van der Moezel on tenor saxophone, Ermerson Brophy on baritone saxophone, Gavin Nicklette on Piano and Simon Montgomery on soprano saxophone. The band brought back in the melody at the conclusion of the solo section and finished with the tight ending with the rhythm section locking in on the last melodic phrase to provide a professional and slick end to a great set.

This show at the Perth Royal Show for the St Thomas Big Band was a very enjoyable one and only managed to occur due to the hard work and commitment of many members of the band. Thanks has to go to the band members for their tireless efforts and commitment, the Royal Agricultural Society for the opportunity and a special thanks to Chris McMillan, director of culture at Aquinas College, for his help in organising the new look band shirts and uniform that was worn for the first time for this event.

Find out more information on the St Thomas Big Band and upcoming shows by becoming a fan on facebook.

Book the St Thomas Big Band for your next event or function through The Wedding Music Planner.


John Birchenall and Sparanda Herbert Wedding Ceremony

Event Details

Band: Ceremony Quartet consisting of 3 vocals, violin and piano accompaniment.

Date: Saturday 2nd April, 11:00am

Venue: Chapel of St Michael the Archangel, 50 Ruislip Street, West Leederville, Western Australia.

On Saturday the 2nd of April 2011 I played as a part of the wedding ceremony band for the wedding ceremony of John Birchenall and Sparanda Herbert this was held at 11:00 am at the Chapel of St Michael the Archangel in West Leederville on the grounds of the Catholic Education Office (CEO).

John approached me and my music management business, the Wedding Music Planner, to see if i could help him in a few different capacities to organise the music for his wedding ceremony including running two wedding band rehearsals, song selection advice and actually playing / Musical Directing on the wedding day.


Chapel of St Michael the Archangel

I have known John for many years, we met in 2003 at a Catholic Youth convention where I was the Musical Director (MD) of the band. Since that time he served for a long period of time as the bass player in various church bands that I was leading through Foundations Community and Church, Youth Impact, City Impact Community and Church, the Foundations Arts Team and Impact Catholic Ministry. He has also seen me play professionally at many different functions and events including in various covers bands including Animal Jam (I played keys and did backing vocals), jazz gigs and plenty of weddings for a number of different people all of whom have asked for a diverse array of song styles and instrumentations.

For John and Sparanda’s wedding they had selected a group of musicians that they knew and trusted to provide the music, I and my business the Wedding Music Planner was one facet of their wedding band. The band consisted of four people including myself playing piano and singing vocals, Davia Bennett playing the violin and two vocalists, Pastor Joel Chelliah and Rebecca Gawel. We prepared the songs selected over two rehearsals on the Monday nights leading up to the wedding ceremony as well as with a soundcheck at the chapel on the morning of the ceremony itself.

John and Sparadna desired to create an atmosphere for their wedding ceremony of fusing together the traditional with the modern, this was reflected in their song selections. For a prelude song, to which both Sparanda’s families entered the chapel and took their seats in the front reserved pews, the song “Cannon in D” by Pachebel was played as an instrumental by myself and Davia on the violin. This was followed by Joel and Rebecca singing a duet called “This Day”, a modern song by Kriste that reflected the hearts of two people coming together and standing forever together from this day forward. Sparanda entered the church at the climax of the song, when Davia lead into her violin solo, ighlights of the songs included the harmonies and counter melody executed by Ps Joel throughout the final verse and chorus.

To add another element to the ceremony John and Sparanda wanted to include a song of worship to God, this was largely due to the importance their faith had played in their individual lives and how much they desired God to be a part of their married life. To be inclusive of all the guests they selected the song “Amazing Grace” which commenced as the parents lit their respective family candles on the altar. In a modern twist on the original, the version used was recorded by Christian artist Chris Tomlin and contained an added in chorus to the original hymn. The male voice of Ps Joel, supported with harmonies from myself and Rebecca and the violin passages from Davia created an atmosphere of reverence though out the entire chapel.

Tabernacle at Chapel of St Michael the Archangel

Tabernacle at Chapel of St Michael the Archangel

The next song we played was at the signing of the registry. John asked Davia and myself if we could arrange the song “From the Inside Out” written by Joel Houston, from  Hillsong Church in Sydney, to be played instrumentally. We had an extra rehearsal to work out the exact length of time we’d need, arrangement for when she would play the melody and when I would take the lead to ensure that this song would be done memorably.

For the recessional hymn John and Sparanda again went for a modern and contemporary hymn, “Now That You’re Near” by Marty Sampson, from Hillsong Church in Sydney. Their reasoning for selecting this song was to create a celebratory atmosphere and select something that many of the guests would know and be able to join in with the signing as they left the chapel. I lead this one on vocals with Joel and Bec giving backing vocal support and Davia playing supporting lines on the violin.

The whole process of preparing the band, rehearsing them and then playing at John and Sparanda’s wedding was an extremely enjoyable one. The combination of musicians we had to do the songs was the perfect blend of voices and skill and the personalities made it a joy filled experience with lots of laughter and many jokes throughout rehearsals.

I know a lot of musicians who don’t enjoy the experience of playing at and organising music for weddings, they don’t like the organisation and forward planning, the dealing with stressed brides and grooms and the responsibility that goes with providing what largely affects the entire atmosphere of a ceremony (it does make or break it). Personally I love all of that, the excitement you get when meeting with them prior to their wedding day and hearing their vision right through to the satisfaction you get when the ceremony is done and everything has worked perfectly and without mistake always keeps me enjoying this side of my professional work as a musician.

I am available to hire for weddings, private functions and corporate events through the Wedding Music Planner as a musician, booking agent, musical director or wedding music consultant.

For more information get in touch with me by connecting through email, twitter or facebook or through the Wedding Music Planner.

Simon Montgomery Duo 20th March 2011

Simon Montgomery and Ben Hall 20th MarchGig Details.

Band: Simon Montgomery Duo Featuring Ben Hall

Date: Sunday 20th March 2011

Venue: Ukrainian Orphanage Fundraiser – Como


On Sunday the 20th of March 2011 my duo, available for booking through the Wedding Music Planner, performed as a part of the entertainment lineup for a high tea being held in Como, Western Australia. The high tea was a fundraiser being held to raise funds to provide equipment and resources to accompany a group of health science students from Curtin University on an upcoming trip to the Ukraine to work in orphanages with children with mental and physical disabilities.

Ben Hall - Jazz Vocalist

Ben Hall

Ben Hall, the singer with the duo, was approached to see if he knew anyone who would be able to donate music that would be able to create the ideal atmosphere for this event. The desired atmosphere was a cocktail / background style music that would provide a level of class and sophistication which people could either listen to as a main performance or have in as background noise whilst potential donors socialised. As Ben has performed many gigs with me through the Wedding Music Planner including Rotarian shows, private functions and wedding receptions he knew that this would be a great opportunity to further promote the services some of the services I can provide as both an entertainment event organiser and also a musician. The proviso on us providing the entertainment for the afternoon was that we would be able to do any promotional work we liked, this included being able to distribute information on the Wedding Music planner and business cards to the guests in attendance.

As the event was being held in a rather large outside area I had some concerns with regards to the quality of sound and the constraints with regards to Ben’s vocals not being able to be heard clearly by all of the guests. I decided that the best way to remedy this was to provide a small PA system for Ben’s vocals to go through, this setup was very simple consisting of a SM 58 microphone, a small Yamaha sound desk and a single EX10 speaker plus a stand. This proved to be very useful to the event organisers who hadn’t prepared any PA system for them to do their announcements, including the drawing of the raffle prizes that had been generously donated by various businesses from around the Perth metropolitan area.

Simon Montgomery - Pianist

Simon Montgomery

This level of professionalism was supported by the choice of songs that we presented over the period of 45 minutes. Our set commenced half way through the afternoon at the conclusion of a performance by a violin duo. The repertoire we selected for the afternoon consisted of a variety of songs, both instrumental and vocal features, that are a regular part of the repertoire for my trio and quintet with whom Ben sings regularly. The set commenced with me performing the jazz standard “Autumn Leaves” as a solo piano piece and following this with one of my original jazz compositions “A Long Way To Go” . Ben then joined me to sing the jazz standard “All of Me” and followed this with the jazz standard “Fly Me To the Moon” in this song he also entertained the audience with a vocal “scat” solo over the entire form. In the middle of the set I performed another two instrumental songs on piano one of these was another orginal composition “When I Heard” the other tune was the jazz standard “All the Things You Are”. Ben rejoined me on stage at the conclusion of these two instrumental tunes for a version of “Tangerine”, “Have You Met Miss Jones” and then a version of “Moondance” to complete the set.

Throughout the performance the audience listened with a high level of attention to every song. Ben Hall’s smooth tenor vocals contain a hint of jazz greats including Sinatra and Buble and his presentation in appearance commanded the attention of every person at the event without being demanding or overpowering. This was became noticeable at the conclusion of the set with the unexpected applause that was received as well as an increase in the background noise levels as people resumed conversation that they had postponed throughout the duo’s set.The appreciation shown by both the hosts of the event and the event organisers showed that the level of excellence of entertainment surpassed their expectations and help contribute to the overall success of the afternoon.

Ben Hall - Jazz Vocalist 20th March 2011

A big thanks is needed to be given to the event organisers and the event hosts for their friendliness and willingness to help us as a duo be able to provide music that built a great atmosphere and ambience. Their assistance in helping us setup, providing us with food and drink throughout the afternoon, parking in close proximity to where we needed to perform and a nice shady space to entertain from. All of these contributed to us performing to our utmost best and in doing so created the best possible atmosphere we could for their function.

The Simon Montgomery duo is one of many of the ensembles available to be booked for events including wedding receptions, private parties, fundraisers and corporate events. More information can be found on their profile page or by contacting myself through The Wedding Music Planner.

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