Catholic Liturgical Music

Please find below a list of the Catholic Liturgical Music that I have been involved in writing. All songs below are written to be played with a contemporary style band.

Praise and Worship Hymns.

Your Majesty – Impact Catholic Ministry (Written by Simon Montgomery).

Your Mighty Cause – Impact Catholic Ministry (Written by Daniel Gee and Simon Montgomery).

*My Soul Thirsts for You – (Written by Simon Montgomery and Melissa Gee)

*The Lord’s Prayer – (Traditional Words, Music by Simon Montgomery).

Mass Parts.

*Psalm 103 – Lord Send Out You Spirit

*Psalm 109 – A Priest Forever

*Psalm 8 – How Wonderful You Name

*Psalm 84 – Lord, Show Us You Mercy and Love

*Psalm 121 – Let Us Go Rejoicing to the House of the Lord

Psalm 129 – With the Lord There is Mercy and Compassion

*Our Father

*Pentecost Sequence

(* audio and chord charts to be uploaded in the future).

Contact me for more information on recordings and PDF chord charts.

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