Easing Back to Full Routine

Day 30 – Wednesday 30th January 2013.

Today’s run was another step closer to resuming the full workload that I will be carrying throughout this coming year as a result of the return to school. The remainder of this week I will be at school participating in PD for the teaching staff, and whilst it isn’t the same level of intensity as one on one lessons or running an ensemble it is a considerable step up in terms of strain compared to being on holidays. Part of this preparation meant going to bed at an earlier time than I have been with me being in bed just after 11:00pm.

I woke before my alarm at 5:50am, with my alarm set for 6:00am I spent 10 minutes dozing in bed before getting up to go for the 8km run. I had prepared my cloths for the run the night before but had neglected to get out a couple of items which meant I made a lot of noise whilst getting ready which made me feel sorry for my poor wife. By 6:20am I was in the car and headed to the parking spot to start my run.

Day 30I started my run just after 6:25am, I had hoped to better the previous time I had set for the 8km distance of sub 40 minutes. Today was not the day that I would beat this mark. I felt good at the start of the run, just a little slow and tired with my body still waking up from my slumber. I was surprised at the number of people already out running at this time. This sight is something that I will need to get used to, in the coming days I shall start winding the start time back to earlier as I need to be finished my run by 6:30am once the students return to school next Monday. I am keen to leave enough time to get home and eat a good breakfast before heading into school for 7:15am rehearsals which I will be running most mornings of the week before school.

After my first kilometre I was sitting on a split of 5 minutes and 10 seconds per kilometre. I tried a number of times to increase the intensity of this but my legs just felt like lead and wouldn’t move at a faster rate. I have been really conscious of my running style so far this year and worked on not over extending my stride. After listening to some long distance runners I decided to make the effort to take smaller steps more frequently as this reduces the impact on legs and, as a result in incidence of shin splints and other injuries.

As I came up to the end of my first lap I was feeling a pain in my right shoulder. I think that I was feeling quite tired and it was more of a referred pain from holding my body in a position of stress. I corrected this by trying to relax my upper body as I entered the second lap.

The second lap continued along the same line as the first, I continued to try and increase the pace I was running but kept coming up against a barrier. I had contemplated doing three laps today but during the second lap new that firstly my legs wouldn’t cope and secondly that I would run out of time. Still I tried to push myself and coming up to the last 2km I realised that a sub 40 minute time was not going to happen, my hope turned to running the distance in under 45 minutes, this would still be a respectable time for distance even though it wouldn’t be a PB.

I entered the last km just after the 37 minute mark, I figured the time of 42 minutes would be a good effort. I headed over the footbridge and across to the car park where the time was stopped at 41 minutes and 16 seconds. This being an average time of 5 minutes and 10 seconds per kilometre.

Tomorrow will be a shorter run, only the one lap making a total of 4.5km from the car park. Hopefully I can push myself and better my previous times.

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