Enjoying a Day of Rest

Day 13 – Sunday the 12th of February.

Today saw me enjoy the second rest day since starting my fitness training for 2012. I woke up to find myself feeling rather sore from yesterday’s soccer game, my muscles were tight, my right knee feeling quite stiff and on top of all that sunburn that was really stinging quite badly. I know it doesn’t sound like it was the best start to the day but it really did get much better, you see today Melissa and I celebrate being married for three months and that is totally awesome.

After I had gotten up and dressed for the day I headed off to watch my wife play in a soccer scratch match which was a part of her preseason work for the coming season. I always enjoy going down and watching her play, just having the opportunity to sit down in the outdoors for a couple of hours and relax is a real blessing to me with the busy life that I live. After the game finished we headed back to our place and got ready for the weekly family lunch at Melissa’s parents house.

After lunch finished Melissa and I still needed to head off to Mass, we didn’t get a chance in the morning due to the soccer games and as our faith is so important to us we headed off to Holy Spirit in City Beach for their 5:30pm mass. At the conclusion of this we had the pleasure of heading down to the beach for a nice walk. We got to walk along the boardwalk between Floreat and City Beach and chat about many different things. The walk today was really nice, this is the place where I proposed to Melissa back in June 2011 and the setting sun with the cloud formations made for some stunning scenery. We had set an alarm for 6:50pm as we wanted to get back to Holy Spirit Parish by 7:00pm for the weekly Pro-life Holy hour which we try to get to as often as we can.

Our day finished by celebrating dinner at a local restaurant and just enjoying each other’s company which is one of my most favourite things to do.

This week’s training I am keen to start increasing the intensity a little more with bringing in some cross training sessions. I am thinking that Monday, Wednesday and Friday will remain ¬†as cycle sessions with the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday being cross training between running, rowing and cycling. I am hoping that I can get another six days under my belt and continue to get no injuries.

Bring on Monday!


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