Failure to Plan Equals Failure to Achieve

Day 21 – Monday 20th February 2012.

Today is one of those days that I hate writing a post to keep myself accountable in this challenge as I did not do my required session. I woke up at 5:30am but really didn’t feel like doing my session. Normally this feeling alone wouldn’t be enough to stop me doing a session, I’d normally suck it up and get on with it, but the fact that there were a number of other things I had failed to plan and organise the night before prevented me from being able to get over the apathetic feeling.

I had prepared my gym bah the night before as I have been throughout this training regime, what I had forgotten was that there were instruments that needed picking up from my music studio before I could teach today as well as needing to put petrol in my car to get through the travel I’d need to be doing from home to Aquinas, out to Mater Dei and then back to the music studio before going to a rehearsal and finally arriving home by 9:15pm tonight. I needed to be at Aquinas by 7:30am for th first AJO 2 rehearsal for the year and, knowing I wouldn’t finish at the gym until 6:50am at the earliest just made it all too hard.

I am annoyed at myself as it’s the first session I have missed since coming back from hurting my knee and it is disappointing that it was my own disorganisation that has lead to this missed session. It has reinforced my need to prepare and plan everything the evening before to ensure that I have no objections in the way to me doing my session first thing in the morning. Al I can do now is learn from the experience and try not to repeat the mistake as I move forward to tomorrow’s session.

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