Falling Short of the Benchmark

Day 28 – Monday the 27th of February 2012.

Today’s session was one of those unfortunate ones where I just missed setting a new personal best by a small margin. These sorts of days always disappointment me as I love smashing out new best distances and pushing the expected achievements even further. At the same time, the distance travelled in today’s session was only just beneath my all time best distance over the 30 minute bike ride which sets me up perfectly to hopefully smash out a new best and push through the 17km mark later in the week.

The day started off really slowly with me not wanting to get up out of bed at 5:30am, despite being now four weeks into the challenge I am still struggling to get into a good routine with getting out of bed easily. Maybe I need to look at changing a couple of things in my life routine wise such as getting up at the same time on the weekends as during the week to try and get my body in a regular routine. I guess I will need to have a think about that one and whether that is a viable option or not for me moving forward.

Once I had managed to get out of bed and get ready I found myself arriving at the gym in Subiaco by 6:00am, I had made good time traffic wise and knew that this could be a good sign for a great session to come. By 6:07am I was on the cycle starting my ride. I didn’t make the same mistake as in previous sessions with regards to speed and I got my revs up to the 110rpm at the very start of the ride. I wanted to try and hold this as a base over the entire time which I failed to do with the first 5 minutes sitting between 105 and 110rpm. By the Five minute mark I had travelled a total distance of 2.63km which I was fairly happy with as a starter, I had been aiming for the 2.7km but felt that it would possible to make it up as I kept going.

I tried to raise the revs to consistently be sitting at 110rpm which after some struggling did manage to do. By the 10 minute mark I was sitting at having ridden 5.6km, a distance that I was fairly happy with and if I could keep up this pace, if not increase it, then I would come close to a new PB.

My next aim was to see how far i could ride by the halfway time of 15 minutes, my base distance for this time has become 8km over the past few weeks due to me always wanting to ride at least 16km in the time frame. I came pretty close to missing this benchmark today with me only riding 8.02km inside the 15 minutes. Disappointed I knew that I needed to make some calculations to set regular benchmarks to try and make the distance up, I had 9 km to ride in 15 minutes. I needed to ride 3km every 5 minutes or .6 of a km every minute to make the 17km mark by 30 minutes. I set off trying to reach this goal.

The first two minutes I managed to stay on distance for time and added an additional 1.2km, after this I feel a little off the pace and by the 20 minute mark had fallen behind by 100 metres. I tried to lift the intensity to get back on speed by the 25 minute mark but had just fallen further behind to be 130m behind the pace. I knew at this point that it’d be tough but wanted to really give it a good shot. By 28.5minutes I had ridden over just shy of my required speed, I had managed to keep from falling further behind in the distance. Although I tried to lift the rate further I just couldn’t be consistent which resulted in me ridding 16.87km by the 30 minute mark.

I had missed my best distance by 400m and still couldn’t break the 17km barrier. One of the positives I can take out of today’s session is in the past five minutes I managed to keep the distance for time to actually get over the 17km mark, in fact, if I managed to ride at that speed for all 30 minutes I would break the 18km mark.

I guess I will just have to keep pushing myself, this 17km will go it is only a matter of time.

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