Fighting a Lack of Motivation

Day 102 – Wednesday 5th September 2012.

Today’s post is a quite different to the previous entries on for my fitness training 2012. I have been struggling for the past week and a half to get to the gym largely due o the amount of assignment work and lack of sleep I have been getting as a result. I think on average it’s around the 5 hours a night I have been in bed, though I think the sleep factor has been much less as I have been finding it hard to sleep.

This morning I should have managed to get to the gym, I finished the large rationale for the use of large ensembles in schools in an educative role on Sunday morning only to now have had the whole class given a week extension on it’s due date today. Events like this that have occurred over the past week has just left me feeling totally demotivated and not feeling like doing much at all. Making sacrifices and paying cost is just a normal part of life, the frustrating thing is when you do this only to feel like it is thrown back in your face and disregard for your efforts occurs.

Demotivation is a tricky thing to try and get through when you are already feeling physically tired and run down, there is still so many things to get done that I know I will just have to pick myself up and try and push through it. Tomorrow is supposed to be a weights training day, I am really keen to give it a good crack to be at the gym first thing in the morning at 6:00am. Here’s to hopefully turning the corner and getting the fitness training back on track, and, hopefully from there be able to build up some momentum in motivation with the other areas needing work.

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