Working Out the Stiffness

Day Two – Wednesday 1st February 2012

I decided that today’s session at the gym was not going to be a high intensity one. I do have a few reasons why I thought that this would be a great idea;

  1. I want to manage my body over the entire year and not get injured
  2. I have an indoor soccer game tonight that I will probably do a high running workload
  3. I went to the beach last night to celebrate Mary Haydon’s, my wife’s younger sister, birthday and whilst we were all mucking around with a tennis ball in the water both of my calves cramped up, my left one really badly.

The plan was to get to the gym at 6:00am before my regular coffee in West Perth with my good friend, Sam Cleary, at Epic Coffee (great coffee by the way) at 7:00am. I didn’t end up getting to bed until after 1:00am making the 5:30am alarm too early for my liking, the session therefore got moved to being after Sam’s and my catchup.

I got to the gym by around 8:25am and was ready to start by 8:35am as I needed to get changed and all that sort of thing. Today’s session, as already mentioned, was going to be a sole focus on stretching out and loosening up my tightness from Day One’s workout. I hopped onto one of the bikes, my aim was to ride at a medium intensity for 30 minutes and then follow this with a good 15 minutes of stretching. With the bike set on a resistance of 6, I set out and was managing around the 87 rpm mark with a power output of 134 watts. My legs felt like lead weights and it was difficult to keep a good rhythm, I did manage to get into the swing of things by about the 5 minute mark and managed to maintain an rpm between 86 and 91 with watts around the 134 for the entire 30 minutes. Some moments in the ride were quite challenging with my legs going through phases of feeling heavy and then fine.

After having finished the 30 minutes I had worked up a bit of a sweat, which I wasn’t really expecting, and headed over to the stretching area where I worked through all the muscles groups in my legs, each stretch I repeated twice and held for a minimum of 30 seconds.

Tomorrow’s session is planned to be a more intensive one, these first four to six weeks I am thinking of doing nothing but cardiovascular work, alternating between an intense session and then a light one. The weights sessions can wait for a little while before restarting, my first aim is to get rid of this excess 5kg I am carrying.

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