The First Hurdle

Day Three – 2nd February 2012

Today’s session proved to be the the first hurdle in my 2012 challenge. My alarm went off at 5:30am and I got up ready to do the session only to find that I could barely put any weight on my right knee without there being a lot of pain.

Last night we had our usual indoor soccer game, a disappointing 4 – 4 draw (the other team scored the equaliser right on the final siren). In the first half of the game I got a hard knock / jazz to my right knee when an opponent came in for a challenge on me. At the time I didn’t think anything of it, with my body warm I could still run and it caused me no problems at all. Last night things had started to stiffen up quite a lot before bed but I wasn’t expecting it to get as bad as it feels this morning. After some deliberation as to whether I should go to the gym or not I decided it would be best not to and I would workout at home in a different way later in the morning.

Today was going to prove to be a good day just to do some basic core work. I did three sets of 30 sit ups with 3 sets of 20 pushups in between the sets. Even doing this amount I felt restricted because of my knee, it isn’t a lot but I have kept up with getting something done and achieved for the day.

Tomorrow’s session was going to look different again with Melis and I planing on going hiking. I guess now a part of that will depend on how the knee is feeling tomorrow, I think it should be alright…fingers crossed!

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