From New Highs to New Lows

Day 26 – Saturday the 25th of February 2012.

After having reached a new high yesterday in my training session by setting a new personal best distance inside of 30 minutes on the bike I reached a new low today by missing today’s session altogether. It is quite disappointing when these things happen, especially when there is no real reason for me having missed it other than me wanting to stay in bed for an additional hour and a half. Some people would say that perhaps I needed the extra sleep, unfortunately I would have gotten a good six hours if I’d gotten up at 6:30 when the alarm went off so really I feel like it comes down to nothing more than me being slack and not disciplined in my approach.

I had hoped after not doing the morning session that I’d get a chance for at least go for a run at Lake Monger and do a small 7 – 8km run…it would only take me around the 30 to 35 minute mark at the most but with the hectic pace of the day after it got started from teaching to uni study followed by a rehearsal and then off to watch the Perth Glory lose to the Brisbane Roar I just never got the chance.

Tomorrow is my scheduled rest day which I will quite happily take, I guess all I can work on is trying to get back to that magic six sessions in the coming week, I only managed four of my sessions in this week so there’s a little bit of work to do now to make up for the lost sessions.

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