Get In Shape Challenge Day Zero – Monday 15th August 2011

Day : Zero

Date : Monday 15th August 2011

Weight : 81.4 kg

At the beginning of this year I sat down and wrote a number of goals that I shared with some of my closest and most trusted friends. I stopped and assessed my life over a number of weeks to really assess the overall health of my life, which areas I thought I was doing well and those which needed some more attention and from these prioritise what I wanted to have achieved by the end of 2011. Basically I stopped and assessed my life and then cast vision as to who I wanted to have become by the end of 2011. I am a firm believer in the leadership principle of casting vision, without it as the bible says in Proverbs “the people perish”. As I am the one solely responsible for my life and who I develop into I believe it is vitally important to firstly cast vision (and write it down) to myself so that I can see and be reminded regularly who it is I am trying to become (the goals for 2011 are framed and sitting on my desk at home).

One of my goals for this year has been to be really diligent with my weight and get into the shape that I desire. My goal has been by the end of the year to work to a point of starting to get muscle definition showing through clearly on my chest and abdominal area. This has been a dream of mine for many years, but I have never been able to achieve it largely due to poor discipline over a long period of time. I do need to be clear, I have never been obesely overweight, as can be seen by my current weight I am sitting at 81.4kg and I am a height of 176cm, I have and continue to play sport and am active regularly every week – this goal is really just going for that extra little but to prove that I can do it.

To achieve this goal I felt I needed to break down the task into two different categories firstly “What I Eat” and secondly “How I Exercise”. The first category of what I eat I have been very disciplined with. I decided at the start of the year to not eat any Fast Food or drink any Soft Drink. Since the year began I have not drunk any soft drink at all and as for Fast Food, well I have only indulged in Fish and Chips once and Pizza two times and that’s it. My diet very much at the moment is consisting of regular healthy meals.

The next stage of the challenge is now about to begin and run for the next 13 weeks – the physical exercise routine (Part Two).

This part of my routine has been very disrupted throughout the year, some of it has been due to a lack of discipline on my behalf (especially with bed times and getting up in Winter) but also largely due to a continual run of injuries in the form of muscle tears and strains (a 29 year old body doesn’t seem to be as nimble as an 18 year olds). Starting from to tomorrow this is going to change and all my progress will regularly be updated for all to see largely to keep me accountable to the routine. With there now not being many weeks left in the year it is important that I start this next phase to ensure I get to the body shape I want for the “beach look” this Summer. I have set myself the goal of the next 13 weeks also as I get married in 13 weeks and I am really keen to get in shape and a good routine exercise wise prior to getting married.

I will be rising early tomorrow morning (Tuesday) for Day One – this will comprise of a weights session at Fitness First Platinum in Subiaco, Western Australia. My mornings before work (I start teaching at 7:30pm most days) will either have an intensive weight session (3 times a week) or intensive cross training cardio session. It is going to be a tough task and big ask, however I do feel that this is possible. The hardest part is always getting started!

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