Get in Shape Challenge Day 10 – Thursday 25th August

Day Ten of the Get in Shape Challenge saw me up and at the gym for the third day in a row, this time for my weights sessions. Unlike last week my body was feeling very good, there was no soreness or tightness from the previous session on Tuesday which I was hoping would mean I could push myself harder and continue towards regaining the previous form I had six months ago. With this hopeful enthusiasm I rose and did my usual routine of abdominal exercises followed by prayers and then packed my things for the day before heading into Subiaco to the gym.

Arriving at the gym I felt a little hungry, I had been bad and not eaten a lot of food the previous day despite completing both a cardio session and indoor soccer game, but got straight into my bench press. Loading the bar up to the starting weight of 60kg I started the first set and completed it easily so I increased the weight to 65kg. As I lifted the 65kg weight my arms felt incredibly week from the weight and I only managed to get 5 repetitions out, a bit perplexed, I didn’t increase the weight and did my third set where I managed to get out a total of 7 reps.

From here I moved through my routine and regularly found the same sort of problem I had with the bench press, my shoulder press I got out the first 12 on 17.5kg but then managed respectively only 5 and then 9 reps, shoulder flies on 10 kg dumb-bells only 12, 10 and 8 and on my deltoid lifts 12, 10 and 8. Whilst these are ok amounts a repetitions I was a little taken a back by how much effort it was taking me to lift these weights, especially given the ease I did them on Tuesday.

I started thinking about my this could be the case, could it be just the effect of Tuesday’s session or is there another explanation?

This question made me turn my attention to the age old saying of “what you put into something is what you end up getting out”. We always think of this with regards to effort, the more effort we put into any situation equals the more result we get but it can also apply to other aspects of our lives. As is usually the case with most men the answer came from my stomach with a rumbling to signify that it was hungry. This made me stop and think about what I had eaten since my last session yesterday morning…in all honesty not a lot basically a couple of biscuits and a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce (so not exactly high energy stuff). It was no wonder why I had trouble with the session, I hadn’t refilled my supplies to be able to do the task so my engine was running on empty!

This is going to have to be some thing that I am much more aware of if this challenge is going to be successful. As I am exercising at a higher level of intensity the food intake needs to match this to keep my energy up and enable me to do the work load I am committing myself to. Over the next few days I am going to need to sit down and workout exactly what this diet is going to need to look like to get maximum results.

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