Get in Shape Challenge Day 11 – Friday 26th August

This morning’s session I found a really difficult one to get up and do, when the alarm went off at 5:00am all I wanted to do was to roll over and turn it off. This is largely due to me not having gotten as much sleep over the past few nights as I have been getting for the last few weeks. Normally I can survive and sustain myself off 5 – 6 hours sleep, unfortunately I have had a lot of things playing on my mind, problems that need solutions over the past few day which has been causing me to have restless sleep. Last night I didn’t really fall asleep until around the 2:00am mark.

After a lot of procrastination I pulled myself out of bed (about 5:15am) and completed part of my morning routine, the abdominal exercises, my lack of getting out of bed promptly meant I ran out of time to pray which I will make sure I do this afternoon as soon as I get home. After packing my bag for the day to come I headed into the gym in Subiaco.

Today’s session was set to be a cardio workout consisting of a run on the treadmill increasing the speed every five minutes followed by an ergo and completed with a cycle before doing my stretching exercises to help in my recovery. I felt really good once I had started the run and decided to increase the amount of time that I was running from what I had previously done on Wednesday’s session. Starting on my warm up speed of 7.5 km/h I increased it up to 10 km/h after five minutes and then up to 11.5 km/h at the ten minute mark. After holding this for 5 minutes I reduced the speed back to 10 km/h to finish to make a total of 20 minutes. I then headed to the ergo for five minutes of rowing keeping the intensity above 30 strokes per minutes for the entire session. The ergo session I found quite easy so I think I might increase the time of this to ten minutes come Monday’s session.

To finish I jumped onto the bikes and set myself the task to ride as far as I could on a medium resistance for ten minutes, I managed to ride 4.53 km in this time. I will see if I can break the 5 kms in 10 minutes next week, this should be possible. The stretching session I did to finish felt really good with none of my muscle groups feeling overly sore or tight, I am confident that they won’t seize up over the next 24 hours either.

If I manage to get up tomorrow morning and do my weights session I will have achieved five days in a row at the gym, fingers crossed I can make this a reality.

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