Get in Shape Challenge Day 13 – Sunday 28th August

Sunday the 28th of August marked the next day of rest in my Get in Shape Challenge Regime. Today the plan was to do no workouts in anyway what so ever to allow my body the fullest potential to recover from the week’s sessions and also regroup for the coming week.

On reflection the week just gone has been a positive build on the first week, I managed to fit in four of the six sessions (two thirds success rate) with me only missing the cardio session on Monday morning and my weights session on Saturday morning. The week to come I will try to fix this problem and go for a 6 / 6 score on sessions.

Other positives I have found in the way my body is already starting to pull up after sessions as well as perform throughout sessions. My weights sessions have seen improvement in the amount of load I have been able to exert on my muscle groups as well as the number of repetitions increasing. I have also found that my recovery has gotten much better with my body not as tight or sore n the days following the sessions.

My cardio sessions this week have also been a step in the right direction. I decided to take the week easy to ease myself back into the routine of working out with a cross training sessions and always stretching well at the conclusion of a session. I have found that my body has responded well and I have not tightness in any of my muscle groups in the days following a workout. In the coming week I feel it is time to start pushing these sessions at a higher intensity to really start to get some benefit to my overall fitness levels.

Tomorrow’s session is supposed to be a cardio session, as I have the day off teaching I am planning on sleeping in and going to the gym in the early afternoon. I understand that this is a dangerous mover as I have not yet been able to complete one session after the early start time, however if i can do this then it is the chance for me to setup a usual early afternoon session on a Monday giving my body a little extra sleep on Sunday night.

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