Get in Shape Challenge Day 14 – Monday 29th August 2011

Today is the beginning of the third week of my Get in Shape Challenge and I was looking forward to seeing if I could get through completing all six sessions in the week, three cardios and three weights. Today I had decided that I was going to make the most of not having to teach due to a boarder’s long weekend at Aquinas College and a Day 0 at Mater Dei College and get some extra sleep to recover from the start of the school term. I also had thought that if I could commit to doing an early afternoon session that this could perhaps become the normal Monday session time as I finished teaching always by 1:25pm in the afternoon. I knew that this mover was a risky one as I hadn’t yet completed one session which wasn’t done at the beginning of my day, I did feel that the long term benefit made it worth the risk.

After hanging out with my fiancee all morning I headed into the gym in Subiaco for my cardio session. On the back of two good sessions last week I had decided that this week I would push myself harder with both a greater amount of effort and increased times on various apparatus.

My session started with a 20 minute run. I started with a 5 minute run on 7.5km/h to loosen off and warm up my legs before increasing to 10 km/h for five minutes then 12.5km/h for 5 minutes. The speed I then decreased back to 10 km/h for the final five minutes of my run. After completing this I headed over to the ergo for my rowing session.

Last week on the ergo I managed to row consistently at above 30 strokes per minute for 5 minutes. This week my aim was going to be to increase the time on the ergo and, if possible the strokes per minute as well. I started rowing and took the strokes up to 34 strokes per minute, this I managed to maintain between the 32 and 34 for the entire row. As I approached the 5 minute mark I decided that today I would aim for the 7.5 minutes with later in the week 10 minutes being the ultimate goal. At the end of the 7.5 minutes I had rowed 1,834 metres with an average 500 metre split of 2 minutes and 3 seconds, my stroke rate up at the 34 strokes per minute. This workout really had my legs burning and I knew that my next goal on the cycle would be a difficult one to complete.

I stepped onto the cycle with the aim of riding 5 km in the 10 minute period (an average of 500m per minute). With the cycle on a resistance level of 6 I started out and managed to find a rhythm where I was managing to keep up with the required work rate. By the 4 minute mark I had started to pull ahead of the required distance and was sitting about 5 seconds ahead of where I needed to be. This gap I continued to increase slowly throughout the cycle and I completed the 5 km in 9 minutes and 13 seconds, the last three minutes of the ride my legs were absolutely burning and they felt like they were going to drop off and after I had reached the goal early I decided to keep pushing myself to see how far I could ride in the time. By the 10 minute mark I had ridden 5.24 km. Whilst my legs were so tired it was difficult to walk when getting off the bike I know that I will have to push myself harder later in the week either by increasing the effort level to at least an 8m, setting myself a target of 6 km inside the 10 minutes or both.

The stretching session at the end of my workout was interesting with my legs so tired it was difficult to stretch. I really had worked myself hard throughout this session and the lactic acid was already building up throughout all my leg muscles, especially through my hamstrings, quads and glutes. I may need to do a lot more stretching tomorrow to ensure that Wednesday’s cardio session plus indoor soccer game on Wednesday Night are both successful ventures.

Tomorrow’s session is my first weights for the week, I am looking forward to it to see what goals I can set for this coming week.

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