Get in Shape Challenge Day 15 – Tuesday 30th August

Today’s session ended up being a great session, I set a number of new PBs (since restarting sessions, so not all time PBs), however it did have an incredibly slow start to the day.

My alarm went off this morning at 5:00am and I found it extremely difficult to get out of bed, this was not due to a lack of sleep as I was in bed by midnight, meaning I was getting my needed 5 hours of rest, but rather because I had a restless night sleep. Some nights, last night being one, a have very vivid dreams which always have a huge effect on me the following day when it comes to getting out of bed. I literally at times turn the alarm off not realising that is what I have done thinking that I am still asleep and it is all part of my dream. Luckily this didn’t happen too badly this morning with me being able to pull myself out of bed by 5:15am. After completing my usual abdominal workout I headed into Subiaco to the gym, I had run out of time to get my morning prayer done so I will need to do that straight after completing this post.

I started on the bench press with my initial weight of 60 kg which I completed with only minimal resistance. This weight was then increased to 65kg, it is amazing the extra strain an additional 5 kg on the bar causes with me only managing to get out a second set of 6 repetitions before a third set of only 4 repetitions – there’s still a bit of work needed on my bench pressing to get anywhere near the 72.5kg I was doing six months ago. I increased the weight on my inclined press to 20 kg dumb-bells and managed to get out sets of 12, 10 and 9 meaning that on Thursday I will look to increase the weight to 22.5kg. The shoulder lifts I did in between I remained on the 10kg dumb-bells, I might look at increasing these on Thursday to 12.5kg, I will wait and see how I feel on the morning.

My shoulder press and bicep curl routine I used the 17.5kg and 10kg dumb-bells respectively and managed to do 12 repetitions on the first two shoulder presses with 8 on the final and a complete 12 repetitions on all three sets of the bicep curls. I feel come Thursday these weights will also need to be increased to 20kg and 12.5kg respectively. My shoulder flies and triceps curls I used the 10kg dumb-bells for and completed 12 repetitions on all three sets of both meaning that Thursday’s session will need to be used with the 12.5kg weight as well. My lifts using a 20kg weight on my deltoids was also successful with a complete 12 repetitions for all three sets meaning this weight will also need to be increased to 22.5kg on Thursday.

The lat pull down was being used so I jumped straight into my bicep curls using a barbell interchanged with my triceps dips. I managed to complete two sets of 12 repetitions of the bicep curls with the third set only 8 being managed, the triceps dips saw three complete sets done. I will increase this weight to the 30kg dumb-bell on Thursday as well. After completing this the lat pull down was available so I did three sets of twelve increasing the weight from 50 to 60 to 65. I will wait and see how i feel on Thursday before increasing these weights as I have found it depends on the day to how fatigued I am feeling at this stage of the workout.

Overall I am really happy with how the workout went. This had made it two days in a row now, tomorrow is supposed to be a cardio workout, fingers crossed it can become three in a row!

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