Get in Shape Challenge Day 16 – Wednesday 31st August

As I write this post I am reminded about a little saying that I have tried to apply (not always with much great success) to my life across a broad range of areas – “Success comes in taking small steps frequently” – what I mean is that it is by doing things regularly and seeing only small improvements over a long period of time always seems to result in the most improvement and maximum life change. This I think is largely due to committing to a discipline and, whatever the task is, making it a habit and a life style choice rather than just a phase or fad.

This morning’s session in the gym was definitely one of those small steps experiences from the moment my alarm went off this morning. For the first morning in a while I consciously though of and tried to reason with myself as to why I should skip the gym session and stay in bed. Some of these included  wanting extra sleep, the indoor game I had on that night, the breakfast I was having later on in the morning with a friend and it being cold. My main motif (although I didn’t say it) was that I just couldn’t be bothered. Luckily, due to having made a previous commitment to get up and do a session regardless of how I felt motivated me enough to get out of bed, go through my morning routine and head off to the gym.

Today’s cardio session was always going to be easier in the intensity I did it at than the one on Monday. I had made this decision due to having an indoor soccer game which I was expecting i would need to do a lot of running in later that night. I started as I usually did on the tread-mill and completed a 20 minute run increasing the speed every 5 minutes from7.5 to 10 to 12.5km/h before finishing with 5 minutes on 10 km/h hour, Friday’s session will be pushed harder than this with me probably including 5 minutes up on about 14 km/h before coming back to 12.5km/h (an additional 5 minutes to the total time).

My ergo and cycle session is what really killed my legs on Monday, it was important that I did not overdo these. I only did 5 minutes on the ergo keeping my stroke rate up above the 30 strokes per minute, most of the time it sat between 32 and 35 strokes per minute. The distance I travelled was approximately 1,200m with an average 500m split of 2.06 seconds. The cycle I aimed to be consistent for the full 10 minute ride with my pace and managed to cover a distance of 4.56km in the time. Both of these aparaus I will look at pushing myself harder come Friday morning’s sessions.

My stretching to finish was vitally important due to the game I have on later tonight. Whilst going through my routine of muscle groups I couldn’t help but notice that my legs are starting to feel looser in a shorter amount of time during and after stretching – things ARE slowly improving.

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