Get in Shape Challenge Day 17 – Thursday 1st September

Today’s gym session saw me start to increase the weight load on a number of the different exercises I have been doing. The morning almost failed before it started with me sleeping through my initial alarm and not waking up until 5:20am. Luckily, there was enough time for me to get everything ready, I only got half of my morning routine of abdominal exercises and prayer completed (the abs part) before needing to head off to the gym in Subiaco.

Arriving at the gym just before 6:00am I managed to get onto the bench and begin my sets, thinking there was only 60 kg on the bar I started my first set and completed all 12 repetitions. I went to increase the load for the second set to 65 kg to find that there was actually 62.5 kg on the bar for the first set. As a result of this higher amount already on the bar I added an additional 5 kg total to take the load up to 67.5 kg, my second set I managed to get out 6 repetitions. The third set I kept on 67.5 kg and failed only managing one complete repetition.

My incline press I increase the weight to 20 kg dumb-bells and completed 12 repetitions for the first two sets with the third set me failing at 10 repetitions, this might be an area I increase to 22.5 kg come Saturday’s sessions. In between each set I did my vertical lifts, for this today I kept the 10 kg dumb-bells and completed all three sets of 12 repetitions.

The next two exercises, shoulder military press and dumb-bell bicep curls, saw me increase all of the weight from Tuesday’s sessions to 20kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively. Both lots of exercises I did manage to complete a set of 12 then 10 then 8 repetitions. I may look at increasing these weights again come Saturday morning.

At the completion of these exercises I did my shoulder flys and triceps curls using 12 kg dumb-bells for both. The flys I managed to complete two sets of 12 followed by a set of 10 repetitions whilst my triceps I managed a set of 12 followed by sets of 10 and 8 respectively with both arm. My deltoid lifts I did next I did the first set on 20kg dumb-bell before increasing to 22.5kg for the next two sets all three complete with 12 repetitions.

Today I did not manage to do any work on my traps due to every bit of machinery I needed being unavailable right through until the time I needed to go to get to work on time. This is one frustrating factor I find sometimes at the gym, not enough equipment!!! I moved straight on to my bicep curls with a bar-bell and triceps dips. The bar-bell I selected today was the 30 kg one, being 2.5 kg heavier than the one used on Tuesday. I completed the first two sets with only a little strain with this weight with the third set managing only 10 repetitions, these were done alternate with my triceps dips which I completed all three sets of 12 easily.

Overall I am really happy with how I am progressing I my sessions, today was the fourth day in a row I have managed to get to the gym. Hopefully tomorrow morning will make it five in a row which will be a new record for me.

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