Get in Shape Challenge Day 18 – Friday 2nd September

The most difficult part of the gym workout I had this morning was actually getting started. The past few mornings I have found it incredibly difficult to get out of bed straight away, I don’t know if this is because the tole of an early start combined with a late night is starting to add up or if its the weather and the rain over the past few days that demotivates me or a combination of both. Either way this morning was a real struggle to get out of bed. After much fighting with myself I managed to pull myself out of bed by 5:20am and did my mornign routine before heading into the gym for my fifth gym session in a row.

The session was even hard to commit to once at the gym in terms of working at a high level.  As I started on the treadmill I found myself feeling lethargic for the first couple of minutes as it was on the 7.5km/h setting, this slowly faded away and by the five minute interval on 12.5km/h I was starting to feel good. At about the 13 minute mark of the run my left groin started to feel quite tight and sore. I have had trouble with my right groin throughout the throughout the early parts of the year (I couldn’t exercise at all for about three months) and didn’t want to strain my left hand side and maybe have the chance of another long term injury so i kept going until the 15 minute mark where I stopped and moved onto my ergo.

My ergo was a good session, I went for 7.5 minutes at a stroke rate that never dipped below 31 strokes per minute, most of the time it was sitting on or above the 32 strokes per minute which I was very happy about. The last 2 minutes my average split for 500m was down at the 1 minute and 59 seconds with the average time being 2 minutes and 6 seconds per 500m. I managed to travel a distance of just over 1750m in the 7.5 minutes.

After the ergo I jumped on for my 10 minute session on the bike. My aim for today’s session was to repeat the performance from Tuesday and cover a distance over 5 km inside the 10 minutes with the resistance on level 6. I started out and was keeping it fairly even, by the 1 km mark I had pulled out to 4 seconds ahead of schedule and then increased this over the next 2 kms to 4 and 6 seconds respectively. At this point (around the 6 minute mark) I started having trouble with the bike settings with it continuously resetting on me to Level 1 resistance, this slowed down my rhythm as I was continually having to readjust the setting for the remainder of the ride which, as a result, effected how fast i covered the distance required. I still managed to ride the 5 kms but it took me 9 minutes and 45 seconds to achieve. By the 10 minute mark I had rode 5.22 km at an average energy output of 149 watts.

My stretching session at the end of the workout was great, my muscles felt quite tight and sore after a hard week of sessions but they did stretch out quickly and easily. As I write this post at the end of the day I am not feeling any soreness or tightness in my legs (which is awesome).

Tomorrow’s weights session will round out the week, it’ll be fantastic to get it completed as it means a full six sessions. I hope that I manage to get up and do it…let’s give it a crack!

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