Get in Shape Challenge Day 20 – Sunday 4th September

Today was my next scheduled rest day and for the first time in challenge I enter it having completed an entire six sessions in the week.

Whilst I feel happy about having achieved this and I am already seeing huge improvements in my overall fitness and strength levels as well as in my recovery time reducing with regards to tightness and soreness I do feel that there are some areas I can still improve to maximise the gains that I am making.

My main goal with the Get in Shape Challenge is to get the body shape that I want, basically to get rid of the amount of body fat I am currently carrying around my middle region. One of the factors that contribute to this weight is not the amount of exercise i do but rather what I eat, as I have heard many people say over the years; “diet is one of the most contributing factors weight gain / loss”. With knowing this I have stuck to a commitment to not eat fast food or drink soft drink throughout the year, this has been quite successful. At times I have over-indulged in sweet things. I became really aware of this today as I was watching television at one of my friends houses, he had made caramel slice and instead of having one piece I indulged in three. This would not have been too bad if it wasn’t for the fact that at lunch that day I had four apple turnovers and a slice of angel cake as well. Total sugar overload!

My next aim with the Get in Shape Challenge needs to be to get this side of me under better control, otherwise all the hard work I do in gym will be undone very quickly.

Monday is set to be a cardio workout, after the success last week I am going to see if I can commit to doing the session in the early afternoon after I finish teaching. This will allow me to have a little extra sleep at the start of the week before I need to get back into the 5:00am starts. Here’s to hoping that I can replicate the discipline and commitment I have shown in this previous week by getting another six sessions in.

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