Get in shape Challenge Day 21 – Monday 5th September

Today’s session marked the start of the third week of the program with a cardio session lined up. Due to having the day off from teaching last Monday I decided I would try and do my session in the afternoon to give me the opportunity to sleep for an extra hour and a half or so in the morning (getting up at 6:30am instead of the usual 5:00am) from tomorrow through to Friday I won’t get this luxury. I knew that this experiment would be risky as after teaching on Monday mornings I don’t always feel like exercising at all, however I figured it was a risk that I’d be willing to take to see if it would be of benefit to me or not.

I felt the success of this trial would hinge on me preparing everything prior to me starting teaching for the day, with this in mind i packed my gym bag and took it with me at 7:00am in the morning as I headed over to Aquinas for band rehearsal. After completing this rehearsal and my teaching at Mater Dei College (in Joondalup) by 1:25pm I headed straight into Subiaco for my  gym session.

Yesterday I had decided that the cardio sessions this week I was going to try and take up another gear to really make me hurt, not so I felt pain but rather to get the maximum benefit. I started on the treadmill and followed the usual pattern of 7.5km/h followed by 10km/h, 12.5km/h and then 14km/h increasing the speed every five minutes. Instead of finishing at this point I reduced the speed to 12.5km/h and did another 2 minutes 30 seconds before reducing to 10km/h for another 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I ran an additional 5 minutes to stretch myself that bit further.

Upon completion of this I moved onto my ergo session. This week I set myself the goal of rowing for either 10 minutes or 2km, whichever came first. I started rowing and rowed the first 4minutes with an average stroke rate of 34 strokes per minutes (never under 32 strokes) and at an average of 1 minute 59 seconds for my 500 metre split. At this point the lactic acid really kicked in and whilst the stroke rate didn’t fall beneath 32 strokes per minute my average split fell to 2 minutes and 1 second by the time I completed the 2km distance which was done in 8b minutes and 10 seconds. The time between 5 and 6 minutes was the most disappointing with my current 500m split getting as high as 2 minutes and 10 seconds at one point. I might try on wednesday morning to push myself even harder and see if in the 10 minutes I can row a distance of 2.5km – that will be a real challenge for me at this point in time.

My cycle came next for the last 10 minutes of the workout and I had a goal to ride as far as I could in the time limit, I wanted to try and break my best which was to do the 5 kms in under 9 minutes. I started out very well and quickly started to build a nice lead over where I should be reaching the set kms always before the required time for getting 5 kms in under 10 minutes. I did fall short of getting the 5kms in under 9 minutes by 17 seconds reaching that mile stone in 9 minutes and 17 seconds. Pushing it as hard as I could for the last part of the ride I managed to achieve a distance of 5.34kms in 10 minutes at am average power rate of 167kw and with an rpm that was always sitting over 100 and usually between the 105 and 110.

After the ride my legs were really burning, I headed over and stretched all the muscle groups in my legs as I have throughout the challenge to date holding each stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds and repeating each leg at least twice to really do it well. As I didn’t do my abdominal exercises in the morning I did this full routine as soon as I got home.

Tomorrow is the first weights session for the week, my muscles are feeling very good and quite strong at the moment so it should be an exciting session.

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