Get in Shape Challenge Day 23 – Wednesday 7th September

This morning I experienced one of the pains of regular working out – soreness. Whilst this can not be avoided at al I am always very apprehensive about doing too much work when especially my legs are sore as in the past I have ended up straining or pulling muscles which has then effectively put me out of action for weeks and sometimes even months.

I have noticed over the last few days that there’s been a few spots in my left groin (which I have never had problems with before) and my habitual problematic right hamstring that have felt tight not when exercising but rather when walking around at school. When I got up this morning my legs felt pretty average so I decided that today it would be better not to do a session, especially given that tonight I have an indoor soccer game as well.

I am hoping that his will just be a once off problem and that I will be back into it tomorrow morning.

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