Get in Shape Challenge Day 25 – Friday 9th September

This morning’s session was by the far the most difficult one that I have experienced since beginning the challenge. Everything from the moment I woke up felt like it was against me, including sleeping through my alarm. I managed to get my full morning routine done and arrived at the gym as the clock was hitting 6:00am.

Today’s session was a cardio session, my first if these sessions since the Monday afternoon due to my tightness on Wednesday morning. I started on the treadmill and throughout it I felt like my legs were lead weights – I just had no energy at all. After moving from 7.5km/h to 10km/h to 12.5km/h over a period of 15 minutes (5 on each) my legs felt like they were going to die and I was really struggling, I hate to say it but I gave in at this point and moved on to my ergo.

I set myself the task of snapping out of these fatigue and doing a good ergo, the same challenge from Monday applied – to row 2km in under 10 minutes. I did manage to complete this in 8 minutes an 30 seconds, unfortunately a slower time than Monday’s session. As with the run I found my whole body just fatigued and it was a real stretch to keep pushing through right until the distance was complete.

The cycle wasn’t any better than the two exercises before it. I only managed 5 minutes on the bike before my legs just gave in, I covered 2.5km in this time at an average power of 155 watts. To finish with I ran another five minutes on the treadmill at 7.5km/h, my legs felt like absolute jelly throughout this and a couple of times I thought they were going to collapse under my weight.

Rather disappointed (and tired) I headed over to the stretching area and worked through my stretches, every muscles in my legs feeling fatigued, heavy and very tight.

I guess that sometimes I will have days as tough as this one in doing this challenge. One positive aspect would have to be that despite feeling like this I still committed to going and completing the session and tried my hardest to push through the fatigue, it was just to big a wall to get through this morning.

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