Get in Shape Challenge Day 26 – Saturday 10th September

This morning I found the session a little easier to get through, and as a bonus it ended up being a good results session as well. I think that this might be largely to do with me managing to get 6 hours sleep last night instead of the 5 hours which has become the norm for most of the nights throughout the week. Being a Saturday the gym doesn’t open until 7:00am so I set my alarm for 6:45 and got up and did my entire morning routine before heading into Subiaco.

The session started well with me managing on the bench press to do a set of 12 repetitions on 62.5kg followed by 12 on 67.5kg and 4 on 70kg. Slowly things are continuing to improve with regards to both the load and the overall endurance of the muscle groups. My incline press was also great, using 25kg dumb-bells I managed sets of 12 for the first two and then a set of 8 to finish with. These were alternated with my vertical shoulder lifts using the 12.5kg dumb-bells, sets of 12, 12 and 10 were completed.

My shoulder press and bicep curl combination also went really well. Using the 20kg dumb-bells I did sets the sets of 12 repetitions for the shoulder press whilst I managed two sets of 12 and a set of 8 for the bicep curls. My shoulder flys and triceps curls used the 12.5kg dumb-bells as well and I managed three sets of 12 on both these exercises. Using a 25kg weight next I managed to work my deltoids managing 3 sets of 12 on both arm.

With it being a Saturday the gym wasn’t too busy which allowed me to get onto the lat pulldown at this point in time. This I managed three sets of 12 repetitions with thew weight on 60 for the first two sets, then 65 for the final set. My biceps curls using a 32.5kg bar-bell and triceps dips finished the routine. I managed three sets of 12 for the triceps dips with sets of 12, 10 and 6 for the biceps curls.

I was lucky enough to get to listen into one of the trainers in my rest periods going through with a client a good technical to use when doing the deltoid lifts that I also use. I think on Monday I will drop the weight down to 20kg and really work on mastering the good technique. I am also going to head out later to the supplement store and buy some of the supplements that I have needed to get (whey-protein, creatine and a good mens multi vitamin). It’s time to take things to a new level again.

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