Get in Shape Challenge Day 27 – Sunday 11th September

Today being Sunday was my day off working out in the gym. I have really begun to appreciate these days more and more as the challenge to build int its intensity (i have just realised that it is already coming up to a month soon).

To enjoy my day off I managed to get some extra sleep (approximately 7 hours worth) before heading off to relax in a park whilst watching my fiancee play her club soccer game. as I sit there and watch her run around and play I can’t help but feel very satisfied with my life at the moment and am very happy with how the challenge is going overall. At the conclusion of the game we headed off and grabbed a quick bite to eat before we needed to head back to the park for she was playing a second game this week debuting for the club’s Premiere Reserves grade.

I feel these rest days have become a really important component of my current training program as it doesn’t only give my body a chance to recover but also me an opportuninty to reflect on the week that has been and the week that is coming. As the training regime continues I know that the only way I will managed to keep going is by really being diligent and appreciative of protecting the quality of my rest days.

Tomorrow’s session, the first of the week is a cardio session. These were a bit disappointing in their outcomes throughout last week, missing one on Wednesday and having a tired day on Friday. This week I will hope to start off on the right foot by smashing out a killer session. Bring it on!

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