Get in Shape Challenge Day 28 – Monday 12th September

Today’s cardio session would mark the beginning of the next level of intensity for the training sessions and general lifestyle with the introduction of dietary supplements. I managed to get to the supplement shop on Saturday and picked up my Whey Protein Supplement (I had been using Muscle-tech’s Hardcore Series) as well as a Creatine Supplement to help in the muscle growth. I also for the first time picked up a mens multi-vitamin that I will take every day for the next two months.

To go with this “next level” theme I decided that today’s session was going to be a hard slog, a real push harder than I ever had pushed in the 27 days that have preceded it in the challenge. The session began in the afternoon (just after 2:00pm) with a 25 minute run on the treadmill. I started at the usual 7.5km/h and increased it to 10km/h, 12.5km/h and then 14km/h every five minutes with the final five minutes being run back at 10km/h. I found this extra time and exertion really got my legs burning early on int he session.

The ergo I decided to see if I could row the 2km in under 8 minutes, I knew this would be a hard task as my 500 metre splits would need to remain under the 2 minute mark to achieve this. I started at a blistering pace keeping my stroke rate up at 35 per minute for the first 2 minutes and only dropping to 34 up until the 5 minute mark. My split time at one stage was down to 1 minute and 45 seconds but was averaging 1 minute and 49 seconds by the two minute mark. This split time started to drop a little as the lactic acid set in in my legs, they were really burning! In the last minute things had started to get quite tight, although my split time was still at an average of 1 minute and 58 seconds the middle part of the ergo looked like it was going to cost me the goal. I picked up the pace and power again for the last minute and fighting against the clock crossed the 2km mark in 7 minutes and 58 seconds with an average 500metre split of 1 minute and 58 seconds. Getting up off the ergo I was absolutely wrecked and could barely walk from the exertion, this made me think that it was going to be impossible to reach the goal of 5km in under 10 minutes on the cycle.

I got onto the cycle with my legs still feeling like jelly from the ergo I had just completed. Starting at a slower pace I had resided myself before starting to probably not making the distance in the set time, I thought if i could reach 4.5km I would be happy. At the 4 minute mark I was only 5 seconds behind the time I would need to be to make the 5 km distance, with the sorts of times I had been pulling on the bike all of a sudden I realised that it would still be possible to get the 5km if I increased the work rate. To do this I brought my rpm up to 110 and was exerting a power of 170 kw. By the 8 minute mark I had eliminated the deficit, all I needed to do now was to not have my legs give way from the exertion that had been placed on them. I kept powering along through the ninth minute, every second fighting against that clock I was drawing nearer to the prize of 5 km. At 9 minutes and 52 seconds I crossed the line of the 5 km mark and kept pedalling through until the full 10 minutes had been done.

Feeling totally exhausted, barely being able to walk, very sweaty and yet extremely satisfied with my efforts I headed over to stretch before I cooled down too much. The stetches were quite difficult to do largely due to how fatigued my muscles had become throughout the experience. I am hoping that I won’t feel too tight over the next few days, either way, this session was a great way to start the week.

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