Get in Shape Challenge Day 29 – Tuesday 13th September

I slept through my alarm this morning! Although it was set for 5:10am I didn’t end up getting out of bed until 5:25am which could have proved to have stopped the session this morning before it had even started. The morning had been planned to be my first weights sessions of the week and the first one where I was getting back into my in training supplements. I decided to make the effort to really push through and get to the gym so got and got my abdominal exercises done, packed my stuff, including preparing my supplements and headed in to Subiaco.

I arrived at the gym at 5:55am and was on the bench doing my first set by just after 6:00am. I started with 62.5kg on the bar and pushed out 12 repetitions, the last few in this set were a bit of a struggle (I think not eating much yesterday was having an affect on my performance). The next set I increased to 67.5kg and managed to get out 6 repetitions, instead of increasing the weight to 70kg I left it on the 67.5kg and only managed another 3 repetitions. This is a bit less than I was managing last week, I will need to work on improving on this come Thursday morning.

The incline press and shoulder lifts came next and using the same weight as I have been using (25kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively) I managed to complete three whole sets of 12 repetitions on both exercises which is an improvement from last week. The shoulder press and bicep curls had me using the 20kg and 12’5 kg dumb-bells. I started alternating the exercises commencing with the shoulder presses and managed a first set of 12 on each, this was followed by sets of 12 and 10 on each exercise for the second and third sets.

Moving on to my shoulder flys and triceps curls I ran into equipment problem with not being able to get a hold of a straight bench. I improvised using an incline bench (levelled out) and managed to do al three sets of 12 repetitions for the flys using the 12.5kg dumb-bells. The triceps curls I did in between each set of the flys and also managed 3 sets of 12 repetitions. I then grabbed the 20kg weight and headed over to a now free flat bench to do my deltoids. As I had decided on Saturday, I dropped the weight I was lifting back to 20kg to really focus on my technique. I took extra time making sure all of my body was in proper alignment before starting to lift. To really make sure my technique was good I also slowed down the rate at which I completed these exercises, this made my arms really burn towards the end of each set. I did manage to get out all three sets of 12 repetitions.

As the benches were hard to come by I remained on the bench and moved on to my biceps curls and triceps dips (I’d finish with the lat pulldown). Grabbing the 32.5kg weight I started with my first set and managed to complete all 12 repetitions, followed by 12 dips without any trouble. I repeated this process for the next two sets managing 10 and 9 repetitions for the bicep curls and always getting out 12 repetitions for the triceps dips.

To finish the session I moved over to the lat pulldown machine and set the weight to 60. I completed the first set on 60 and, as with the deltoids exercises, I wanted to make sure I used good technique I left it on 60 and completed 12 repetitions for the next two sets.

This morning’s session, despite the bad start ended up being a great session. The other positive thing to take out of it is that although I slept through the alarm I still managed to get up and commit to completing the session. Tomorrow’s session is supposed to be a cardio workout, I am not sure how intense I will do it at this point in time due to it depending largely on how sore i am feeling tomorrow. This factor is especially important as tomorrow night in indoor soccer we are playing in the top of the ladder clash and I am sure there will be a significant amount of running needed from me throughout the course of the game.

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