Get in Shape Challenge Day 3 – Thursday 18th August

Today was a difficult day to commit to  getting up and getting to the gym. My alarm went off at 5:00am and I wanted to just role over and go back to sleep. My lack of enthusiasm this morning was due to a number of reasons, firstly I got to bed later last night than I have the previous two nights meaning I had less sleep, my body still felt quite sore from the weights session two days earlier and with it being both dark and cold staying beneath the covers just seemed so much more appealing. I know these early stages of setting a routine and getting the body back into some sort of routine is always going to be the hardest stage of the challenge… all I am going to have to do is push through the pain and discomfort so that I achieve the result by the end of the 13 weeks. I must it is much easier to say it though than to go through it!!!

After toying with the concept of staying in bed I rose and did my abdominal routine, prepared my clothing for teaching later in the day and headed off to the gym. As happened on Tuesday morning, I arrived at Fitness First in Subiaco by 5:50am and waited for the gym to open at 6:00am (please Fitness First look at your opening times and even just half and hour earlier at 5:30am would be a better opening time for me). After dropping my things off in a locker I commenced my routine.

The routine I followed was the same as the one from Monday (this will be my routine for the next 12 weeks and slowly I will look to increase both the intensity and the load I carry for each exercise). I started on the bench press and put my warmup weight of 60kg on the bar and began to start the first set – PAIN! I was immediately met by an incredible tightness and soreness across the chest from the session two days earlier, the tightness was incredible! I got out six repetitions on 60 kgs and stopped to stretch, I knew from this that today’s session was going to be one of those ones where you are continuously having to push through the pain and fatigue to get the results desired. I find these sessions the most difficult but also in the long term the most rewarding as well. After stretching I continued with the weight on 60 kg and managed to get out another two sets of 6 reps with a short break to stretch in between.

The remainder of the session followed a similar line to the bench press with regards to soreness and tightness, although to a lesser extent. I did manage to complete all the exercises on the same weights as Tuesday’s session with the same reps (3 sets of 12). This really hurt, but it was in my capacity. I think I will see how I am feeling on Saturday morning to gauge what (if anything) I should increase weight bearing wise, these first two weeks are designed to get me back into the routine and not kill me. My triceps were the other muscle group incredibly tight, using the 10 kg  dumb bell I got out sets of 12, 10 and then 9 with each arm before failing, I could feel the tightness slowly pulling out of each muscle as I continued with the repetitions.

Overall I am happy with how the session went. I was very tight and it really hurt, however, going on past experience there should only be one or maybe two more sessions that will hirt like this one in tightness before the body adjusts. This afternoon I am going to head off to get some more protein supplements to help in both my muscle building and also recovery.

Fingers crossed tomorrow goes better than Wednesday and I manage to get up for a gym based cardio session.

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