Get in Shape Challenge Day 30 – Wednesday 14th September

This morning i made the huge decision to intentionally skip the cardio session due to the indoor soccer game scheduled for that night. We were playing in the top of the ladder clash tonight against “Puzzle” who are a top a quality team consisting of state league and premiere division players (both men and women). The last time we played against them we narrowly lost and we were keen to turn this result around and avenge our earlier season defeat. I knew this game I would be needed to do a lot of running both on and off the ball so wanted to make sure I would have the energy to get through the entire game and keep that intensity up on the opposition.

My plan worked very well, we won the game 4 – 1 due largely to the team’s overall intensity and pressure on the ball carrier. I felt I played very well, making a lot of tackles and intercepts due to my large amount of running off the ball. It’s always nice when things go to plan and things work out.

Tomorrow it’l; be back up at 5:00am and into the gym for a weights session, I am really enjoying these sessions at the moment. Bring on tomorrow morning!

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