Get in shape Challenge Day 31 – Thursday 15th September

This morning marks a full calendar month (31 days) since beginning the challenge. This milestone should have been a really exciting one for me, one to celebrate, however I found myself getting annoyed with myself due to sleeping through my alarm again and putting myself under unnecessary stress to get to the gym in time to get the full weights session done. I had to skip my abdominal exercises ( I will do them tonight before going to bed) to ensure that by 6:0am I was in at the gym starting the first set of my bench press. I think the reason behind this habit of sleeping through the alarm recently is tied to me changing the routine slightly by not getting up every morning at the 5:00am mark, this may be something that I will have to re-look at if I start actually missing sessions.

I started on the bench with my usual 62.5kg and completed a full set of 12 repetitions. The second set I moved up to 67.5kg weight and got out 8 repetitions with the final set consisting of 4 repetitions on 70kg. Things are slowly getting there with the bench, i am hoping that I will really be able to push it over the next few weeks, it’d be great to be able to press my own body weight by the end of this challenge (I weigh 79kg at the moment).

My incline press and shoulder lifts routine came next using the same weighted dumb-bells as I have been using for all of this week (25kg and 12.5kg respectively). The first set of incline I found very difficult and managed to only get out 8 repetitions, I think this was largely because I wasn’t sitting straight on the, something to focus on improving. My second set was better with 10 repetitions and my third set was identical to the second set. The shoulder lifts went well this morning with me able to get out three sets of 12 repetitions, there is a bit more work to be done on form as the last set was a complete struggle – but it is getting there!

My shoulder press and biceps came next using the 20kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively. I managed to do sets of 12, 10 and 8 with the shoulder press and 3 sets of 12 repetitions with the bicep curls. Both of these exercises I find the hardest part is getting out the last few in the final set, but again, an overall improvement has been seen. I moved onto my shoulder flys and triceps curls next. The flys I managed three sets of 12 using the 12.5kg whilst the triceps curls I increased the weight to a 15kg dumb-bell where I managed sets of 12 followed by 6 and finally 4 repetitions. I will work on this one over the next few weeks to really get it happening.

My deltoids I worked with the 20kg dumb-bell again really focusing on form and technique, managing three complete sets of 12 repetitions with each arm.

I moved onto my bicep curls and triceps dips next. Using the 32.5kg weight I completed the first set a full 12 repetitions with the triceps dips following also a complete 12 repetitions. My second set of the bicep curls I managed 10 repetitions before my arms failed and the third set I managed to get out 6 repetitions on the bicep curls. Each time I managed 12 repetitions with the triceps dips, today I was really focusing on my technique with them trying to keep my body shape balanced all the way down throughout the exercise each time.

My final exercise for the day was my lat pull down. I only set the weight to 60kg today for the first set and managed a complete 12 repetitions. During the second set I felt something in my left arm pull a little, it’s nothing major just a bit of twinge. I did 12 repetitions on the second set with another full 12 on the third repetition.

Overall today’s session was a really good one and a great way to finish off an entire month of training. I will need to look at my waking up routine as this week I have slept in through my alarm way too many times for my liking. Tomorrow’s session is a cardio session, and another early start, fingers crossed that I wake up when the alarm goes off!

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