Get in Shape Challenge Day 33 – Saturday 17th September

This morning’s weight session I needed to add a little bit of diversity to it to ensure that I managed to get it done int he limited time I had due to other gym members being on some the apparatus that I needed at specific points.

I had made the decision to sleep in rather than get to the gym at opening time this morning. I knew that I had the time after my 9:00am student to get the session in before the Subiaco parking restrictions due to the football came into play at midday. Unfortunately, I also knew that by the time I got to the gym it would be a lot busier and there would be every chance that certain exercises I would have to wait to do due to a larger number of people. This proved the case right from the word go with both benches for bench pressing being used.

As the benches were being used, and all the flat benches as well, I managed to get myself one of the incline benches and put it totally flat. Using 25kg dumb-bells I did three sets of bumb-bell presses. The first set I managed to do 12 full repetitions so I increased the weight to 27.5kg for the next two sets which I managed to do sets of 10 and 8 repetitions. I always find that using dumb-bells is that little bit trickier as you do need to stay aware of the balancing issue as well with each arm being fully responsible for the weight it it is lifting (there is no compensation allowed or possible really).

After completing this I returned to the 25kg dumb-bells plus 12.5kg dumb-bells for my inclined press and vertical lifts in alternating sets. The incline press was much more challenging after having used dumb-bells on the previous exercise, I did manage to complete al three sets with repetitions of 12, 11 and 9 respectively. The shoulder lifts were quite taxing on the body as well with me managing all three sets with 12, 10 and 10 repetitions although the last set I didn’t keep great technique to get the last few out – my arms were just too tired and heavy by this stage.

After a quick rest and drink from my workout drink I moved onto the shoulder presses and bicep curls using 20kg and 12.5kg dumb-bells respectively. THe shoulder presses I did manage to do the full three sets with 12, 12 and 10 repetitions and the bicep curls a full 12 repetitions on each set. I am happy with how these exercises are progressing, I did try to increase the weight on the shoulder press to 22.5kg but I just couldn’t get the weights into position as my arms were too tired by this stage.

I moved onto my shoulder flys and and triceps curls next and had decided that the triceps I would try and increase the weight to 15kg dumb-bell from the 12.5kg dumb-bell I had been using. This didn’t work well at all with me only managing to get out 3 repetitions on each arm, I decided to drop it back to the 12.5kg where I completed all three sets at 12 repetitions on each. The flys were also completed at the sets of 12 repetitions. I had also prepared the 20 kg dumb-bell for my deltoid workout and completed all three sets with 12 repetitions on each, I have noticed that this is becoming more difficult since I have started really concentrating on my technique and using good technique throughout all three sets.

As the floor had been really busy I didn’t like my chances of getting a bench back in a hurry so I moved onto my bicep curls with a bar-bell and triceps dips (at this stage all the lat machines were free so I thought I’d risk it). With the 32.5kg bar-bell I completed three full sets of 12 repetitions with three sets of dips inbetween. My arms really burn from these bicep curls at this weight, I always fell all of the weight right through my arms, especially on the downward movement as I am trying to lock my elbows into my body to help with isolating the muscle.

The lat machine were still available at this stage so i headed over to them and did three complete sets of 12 repetitions with the weight on 60. I have found that every time I increase this weight further I start to develop bad technique so am more happy keeping it at this point and concentrating on pulling all the way through the exercise slowly rather than rushing it.

The session was really good, tomorrow is my next rest day, which I am really looking forward to. I am finding that slowly I am getting stronger and I hope this gut is starting to go (I think it is) but there’s still a lot of work that needs to occur!!!

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