Get in Shape Challenge Day 34 – Sunday 18th September

Today is my next rest day, those days that I am really appreciating more and more throughout the week. The reason why I am loving these so much tends to be usually I get to have a little bit more of a sleep in (usually up around the 8:00am mark). Today proved to be a little different however, due to a whole pile of family commitments throughout this weekend the only time I’d be able to get to mass was the 8:00am mass. This meant I was up by 7:00am and heading over to Holy Spirit Catholic Parish in City Beach where I attend mass weekly. Whilst an extra hour sleep doesn’t sound like much of a change it does have a bit of an effect on you.

I headed out in the late morning to watch Melissa’s soccer games for the day (she played in the Reserve Premiere team and also the Division One team) in two different spots. This has been the other incredibly enjoying thing for me to do with the days off, most weeks it is nice and sunny and sitting in the sun for three or four hours with nothing to worry about is extremely relaxing. Today it was miserable weather, exceptionally cold (the wind had a huge chill factor to it) and at one point we even got hailed on during the first game. The standard of the first game was still great and seeing her play in the Reserves team is really exciting and the joy of that far out weighed the uncomfortableness of the weather.

I suppose as I think about it now this is a lot like training. At times it is very uncomfortable to go through the regular commitment and painful exercises, however, it is at the same time enjoyable to go through and see the reward on the other side. Getting to watch Melissa play soccer is very much like that for me – it is proving to be a reward in itself as I can see how much she is enjoying it.

Tonight we had dinner with my parents and my God parents, this is something that we had planned for the past few months since we got engaged in June. As I look on everything today and the fullness of the day some might think that it wasn’t much of a rest day, but resting surely needs to be about doing things that you enjoy and for me a part of that is spending time with those that I care about the most, my family and close friends.

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